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It’s big, says Musk, as more experts share predictions for Tesla Battery Day

Two more Tesla experts give insight into what Battery Day could bring, with focus on larger, longer battery cells that could lift range and bring down costs.

Source: Tesla

The Driven

Two leading experts on Tesla have given insight into what they expect from Battery Day, which will be held on Tuesday (US time), as a leaked image of a larger, longer battery cell hints at least one major new innovation for the electric car maker.

A possible “Roadrunner” battery image that Electrek reported on Wednesday was shared anonymously to the EV news site, and then reportedly confirmed as coming from Tesla by another independent source.

Roadrunner refers to a battery production facility Tesla has reportedly been working secretly on at its Kato Road facility.

The image shows a wide cylindrical battery, that is estimated to be 29mm longer, and with a much larger diameter that the 2170 cells made in Nevada for Tesla by Panasonic.

As noted on The Driven on Friday, anticipation for Tesla’s Battery Day is enormous.

It is expected that Tesla boss Elon Musk will unveil a million-mile battery, along with a number of other breakthroughs including a possible wider cell design, that would ideally bring down the cost of making batteries – a critical development given that batteries are the main cause of the high ticket price of EVs.

Musk took to Twitter again on Monday morning (Australian time) to reiterate that Battery Day will be “big”.

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