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Graph of the Day: UK has more renewables per capita than Australia

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HSBC charts show that Australia’s amount of renewable energy installed per capita barely rates against EU nations – even the UK.

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Australia may lead the world in carbon emissions per capita, and even the penetration of rooftop solar in its towns and cities. But in terms of the amount of renewable energy it has installed per capita, it trails much of Europe, and is even beaten by the UK.

These graphics came from the recent report from HSBC, The Rise of Renewables, which we report about here.

It shows that in comparison to other key countries in Asia and Africa, Australia does well in renewables per capita – not surprising, given the relatively small population vis-à-vis countries in Asia and Africa.

hsbc rates asia

But in comparison with North America it fades, with both the US and Canada having more renewable energy installed per person.

hsbc per capita americas

And in comparison to Europe, it barely rates. Germany, nearly at 1kW per person, is the leader, followed by Denmark and then Sweden. All have three times the amount per capita than Australia. Even the UK, with 293 watts of renewable energy per person, beats Australia, with 292 watts per person.

hsbc rates europe

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  1. David Osmond 5 years ago

    Small typo: Germany should be nearly 1 kW per person (not MW)

  2. Farmer Dave 5 years ago

    Very interesting, Giles. All of the data you present is just for electricity, and it would be really interesting to see how the figures would change if renewable heat and renewable liquid fuels were included. I suspect that their inclusion would push Australia further down the list. In the UK and parts of continental Europe renewable heat from wood pellets, wood chips and bio-gas is a very important source of heat, and in the UK the Government has a Renewable Heat Incentive to encourage the switch from oil or gas to pellets or bio-gas. When renewable liquid fuels are added to the charts, then Brazil, with its large production of ethanol from sugar cane would charge up the lists, I think.

    In Tasmania and southern Australia firewood – the original renewable heat source – is important but is not officially measured. The Tasmanian Government recently put out an Energy Strategy paper which did not even mention firewood, for example.

  3. john 5 years ago

    Australia which is the one country which can make the best use of solar energy actually trails other countries this is astounding.
    I guess it is because the average person gets messages that say ” PV will never pay for it self in a million years” or perhaps ” PV does not work it is a greenie thing a rip off”
    Just remember while Australia may have a pretty high level of education it does not mean we have any understanding of how this works.
    Frankly the problem when you have the ” million years ” statement yes from a member in power now people will have no idea what it is about.
    So I do not expect any sensible take up because lets be frank most Aussies are dumb.

  4. Alastair Leith 5 years ago

    I read in a Clean Technica article Portugal is 71% RE already. Confirmed in this study?

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