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The farmer who is crazy in like with his wind turbines

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WA cattle farmer: “No-one in their right mind could put up an argument and say wind turbines aren’t of benefit.”

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This interview by the ABC of a WA cattle and crop farmer who hosts 15 wind turbines caught the eye over the weekend .

Bruce Garratt, who lives south of Geraldton, in WA’s mid north, decided to host the turbines on his 1,000 hectare property 15 years ago. They are part of Alinta’s Walkaway wind farm – the first privately built wind farm in the state.

“People tell me how noisy they are, people tell me how they affect your health,” Garratt told the ABC in an interview aired on the local 7.30 Report.

farner wind“I’ve had lots of people tell me different things that honestly, unless they have lived on a wind farm, they don’t really know what they are talking about.”

He said the turbines provided an additional passive income, as well as a sense of purpose.

“No-one in their right mind could put up an argument and say that wind turbines aren’t of benefit,” he said.

“They’re not producing C02.”

Mr Garratt is critical of the recent Warburton review that recommended either closing the Renewable Energy Target (RET) to new entrants or scaling it back.

The RET was set up to ensure that 41,000 gigawatt hours of Australia’s electricity, at least 20 per cent, would be generated by renewables by 2020.

Garratt believes the Government should commit to the existing scheme.

“We had 36 degrees in the middle of April,” he said. “Now that’s unheard of. I’ve been here for 30 years and I’ve never seen wheat die, ever, until this year.

“No-one can tell me that global warming is not happening. I think renewables are coming in and it’s going to be a hard fight to stop them.”



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  1. Chris Fraser 6 years ago
  2. Alan Baird 6 years ago

    Oh dear, he’s obviously so ill he can’t even tell when he’s ill. It’s the turbines obviously. I can only hope there are no animals grazing beneath the blades. They can’t be happy. For irate wind turbine haters, I pause to remind you that the above could contain traces of sarcasm. Do not consume it or you could experience difficulty in breathing even when well distant from wind turbines. Oh, and give my regards to that Alan and that Joe who prefer the smoke. More suppositories of wisdom to assist Tony of like ilk.

  3. Thom Starling 6 years ago

    Lived in a village in Spain with over 200 in the immediate vicinity, the nearest probably a a hundred metres away. Hardly ever noticed them except when you could actually see them or at night when the lights on top were twinkling. If I walked into my bathroom and stood by the open window and strained my hearing there was a very faint and gentle whooshing sound. No dead animals or birds, no people running around with guns because they’d been driven crazy. The milk didn’t dry up and to my knowledge Aliens have still not invaded. In fact nothing has happened, nada, zilch, the people around just got on with their lives as did all the flora and fauna.

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