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Electric motorcycles – promises, promises?

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My Zero doesn’t work again, and I’m getting so frustrated I may have to buy a fossil fuel bike.

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I admit it. I’ve been considering buying a petrol powered motorcycle for the first time in almost 6 years.

Quite simply, I’m a madly enthusiastic but increasingly frustrated electric motorcycle owner and I rely on my Zero electric bike as my daily transport. But it is broken. Again.

My problem started shortly after a trip up the coast to visit some customers in 2018. On a recently re-tarred section of road I ingested a lump of tar and gravel into my belt/pulley which I managed to rectify at the time but soon after my motor started playing up.

It now appears that the shock to my motor caused by this event has damaged the motor position sensor and the “brain” of my bike can’t figure out what the motor position is.

That’s not really Zero’s fault but it does highlight a susceptibility in the design. As I understand it, this has been addressed in later models on the motor.

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