Delta Energy Systems charges EV convoy to top of Cradle Mountain

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The Australian Electric Vehicle Association held a two day conference and an Electric Vehicle group drive in Devonport, Tasmania.

Delta Energy Systems Australia proudly supported the event by providing a session sponsorship where Matti Dinkelmeyer (Senior Sales / Regional Business Lines / EVCS) presented on “Battery buffered charging”, the integration of energy storage with EV charging for grid smoothing purposes and by providing a portable mobile fast EV charger for the Cradle Mountain Charge.

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The conference bought together a range of national speakers with insights on what Local and State Government decision makers needed to know.  Topics included:

  • How soon we can expect EVs to become common and what we need to do to prepare.
  • The role for EVs in your fleet.
  • Whether Councils should provide public charging and if so where and on what terms.
  • How planning can support ‘home’ charging in suburbs without private off street parking.
  • How e-bikes can make our towns and cities greener sooner.
  • How EVs can contribute to meeting greenhouse gas targets.

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The conference and professional seminar was attended by over 110 industry professionals and local government representatives and had between 700-1000 visitors that came to see over 50 exhibitors.

This is the first event where electric vehicles demonstrated that the drive from Devonport to Cradle Mountain, a popular tourist destination, is entirely possible using standard production EVs currently available in Australia.  Since Australia is still in the early stages of EV adoption the public education on the capability and ease of use of fast charging and how it can benefit the EV uptake were important aspects.

Delta also provided a mobile fast EV charger for the Cradle Mountain Charge, an 80km drive from Devonport up to Cradle Mountain World Heritage site at an elevation of 900m. The 25kW DC Wallbox was mounted on a trailer and plugged in at rest stops on the way.  Electricity in Tasmania comes from almost all renewable resources and is set to reach its target of 100% renewable energy resources by 2020.

Participants were able to fast charge their cars and everyone successfully completed the climb.  

  • Charles

    What a fantastic event to take part in 🙂 The official AEVA video of the Cradle Mountain Charge is available here: