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Coalition’s energy policy insanity brilliantly summed up in a single song

Must listen: To the tune of John Schumann’s I was only 19, three energy advocates nail the state of the Coalition’s energy policy.

Mr Reliable. That's what I'll call you. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

At RenewEconomy we were planning a full retrospective of 2018, highlighting the lamentable state of the policy debate surrounding climate and energy in Australia.

It turns out that someone has already done just that, and better than we could, by packaging it up beautifully in a 4-minute song,  based around John Schumann’s classic “I was only 19”.

Like Clark and Dawe’s elegant summary of the energy debate last year, some times it take a different forum to hit the right notes.

The credit goes to three energy experts who, for the moment, would like to go under the radar.

We’re told they do an annual ditty for their network, and prepared this one for the National Energy Consumers Roundtable. One reader forwarded it to us, and we thought it was so brilliant we asked permission to publish it. So here it is:

One highlight:

“Though the sun shines on our rooftops,

And the wind blows through the trees,

And every energy contract proves the cheapest power is green,

Half the Coalition seems convinced that coal is clean.

God help me, it’s 1919.”

And later:

“And what’s this rash that comes and goes,

Oh, it’s Abbott’s coterie.

God help us, their IQ’s 19″

Please enjoy.

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