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Climate denial group congratulates Australia during Warsaw talks

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Fossil-fuel funded group Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow tells COP19 press conference world should follow Australia’s lead in repealing carbon price.

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Australia finally has a vocal cheerleader at the COP19 United Nations climate talks currently taking place in Warsaw – a climate denial activist think tank which rejects the science of human-caused climate change.

The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT, a fossil fuel-funded group which denies that emissions from burning fossil fuels cause climate change, declared in a UN-sanctioned press conference inside the talks that the world should be following Australia’s lead in repealing laws to price carbon emissions.

Environment groups have been critical of Australia at the talks, giving the country four “Fossil of the Day” awards for slowing down the talks, while one group said Australia is taking an “anti-climate” stance in Warsaw.

Campaigners have been shocked at the rhetoric coming from Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who recently described carbon pricing as a “so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no-one” and characterised moves to financially support developing countries to manage climate change as “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”

Marc Morano, the editor of the ClimateDepot denial website, appeared Tuesday alongside CFACT executive director Craig Rucker. Morano unleashed a torrent of previously debunked climate denial talking points to a sparsely populated and occasionally perplexed press conference audience.

“Coal is the moral choice, particularly for the developing world,” said Morano in the CFACT Warsaw press conference – a comment greeted with laughter from many in the room. Conference hosts Poland have been criticised for simultaneously hosting a World Coal Association conference elsewhere in Warsaw.

“The model for the world right now should be Australia,” Morano said. “Australia gets it. Scientifically they get it, politically they get it and particularly when it comes to the United Nations, they get it. They are pulling out of this, they are repealing their carbon tax and Canada seems to be intrigued by what Australia is doing.”

“Australia gets it – they have realised what the United Nations is doing here today. Viva Australia – let’s hope the world follows Australia’s model,” said Morano, who is a former advisor to Republican Senator James Inhofe, who has said global warming is a scientific “hoax”.

Support from CFACT is not the kind of attention which Australia will welcome.

CFACT has accepted more than $4 million in recent years through Donors Trust, a slush fund for rich conservatives, and has also accepted more than $500,000 from oil giant ExxonMobil and other fossil-fuel related foundations.

Also appearing for CFACT was 81-year-old former Apollo astronaut Walter Cunningham, who admitted he was no climate scientist but then proceeded to tell the audience how science should and should not be carried out.

He said phrases such as “climate change,” “global warming” and “anthropogenic warming” were, in fact, “code words for governmental control of energy consumption and consequently our standard of living.”

“Sceptics like us are challenged to disprove their hypothesis,” he said. “Scientists are best qualified to deal with the scientific questions but we all have to deal with the financial consequences of any actions taken on bad science.”

“In the 1980s a small group of individuals became concerned about the Earth’s temperature and what it might do in the future. I hesitate to call them scientists because they have abandoned their scientific principals by which their guess about temperature increases and the cause could achieve scientific acceptance or rejection.”

He criticised some climate scientists for being “alarmists”, but then described measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions as a “fight to avoid the economic destruction of our society.” He said scientists had “dreamed up” the hypothesis of human caused climate change and had convinced  “most of the media” that the science was solid.

In questions, one representative from the UK Youth Climate Coalition said: “I’m going to call bullshit on everything that you have just said.  You guys are the ones being naive and you guys are the ones ignoring the science. I don’t even know what to ask. I think my question would just be… how do you sleep at night?”

Watch the Q&A part of the presser below:

In angry scenes outside the press conference, Morano, Rucker and Cunningham were challenged on their views by British climate change Professor Kevin Anderson. Mr Rucker evaded questions from DeSmogBlog on aspects of the organisation’s funding. Stay tuned for more on that soon.

This article was originally published on DeSmogBlog. Reproduced here with permission

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  1. Professor Ray Wills 7 years ago

    A closing comment in the presser

    – “this [climate policy] is about international central planning of energy use”.

    Another logical fallacy from the deniers and more irony – the solution of renewable energy is distributed and will bring on the ‘democratisation’ of energy supply particularly through promotion of self supply from solar and other renewables at a personal and domestic (national) level, while the deniers above are arguing that the world must have centralised, monopolised energy from large coal to free the world’s poor from poverty.

    Congrats to the UK Youth Climate Coalition spokesperson when she said: “I’m going to call bullshit on everything that you have just said.” Bravo.

  2. MrMauricio 7 years ago

    and the next news article

    Report says global man-made CO2 emissions set to rise by a further 2.1%
    in 2013, on the way to record high of 36 billion tonnes.

    • Judy Cross 7 years ago

      So what…? Human activities only account for 3% of what is up there from natural sources and temperatures haven’t risen since 1998 even though CO2 has risen by 8%. Russian and other astrophysicists are predicting a prolonged cool period starting next year

      • Pedro 7 years ago

        That must explain why glaciers and the arctic ice sheets are melting at an unprecedented rapid rate.

        If for example we are adding 3% CO2/year to the atmosphere and the natural environment can only take out 2%. Over 20 years you would have easily over 20% increase in atmospheric CO2 levels. Therein lies the problem.

        • Judy Cross 7 years ago

          You guys make stuff up as you go along. Some glaciers are retreating and some are growing and it has to do with how much snowfall they get.
          Plants will utilize as much CO2 as they can get because it is in such short supply…again, you make it up…disgusting!

          • Pedro 7 years ago

            If anybody out there knows how many glaciers there are and how many are retreating and how many are growing that may help give us a better understanding.

            I agree plants are a good global sink for CO2, but you may have noticed that globally we are deforesting, especially in Australia and the Amazon basin. Less trees equals less CO2 absorbed. Just because there is more CO2 in the atmosphere does not mean trees will absorb more. Its a combination of light, water, CO2, climate and nutrients.

            What I find disgusting is how some people like to cherry pick scientific facts/findings and misrepresent those facts to suit their agenda. It has the affect of confusing those who are less scientifically literate.

          • Judy Cross 7 years ago

            Go to
            and when you are through there go to
            for real information from peer reviewed literature on everything from residence time to growth response to increased levels.

          • Pedro 7 years ago

            Thanks for the links Judy. CO2 science looks more valid and is trying to sell books. The iceagenow site is fairly suspect. The authors seem to be using anecdotal evidence, are not scientists and seem to be pushing an anti-Al Gore agenda. I tried Wikipedia which appears at least to be balanced and peer reviewed. Maybe you should be checking websites for information rather than websites that support your climate denial agenda.

          • Judy Cross 7 years ago

            I suppose next after wikipedia you will tout skepticalscience, both of which are totally unreliable.
            Iceage now cites press reports…perfectly valid info.

            It’s cooling!

          • Pedro 7 years ago

            I guess 97% of climate scientists are wrong and have been consistently getting it wrong for over 20 years. We will have to agree the earth is cooling for you, but heating up for me.

          • Judy Cross 7 years ago

            Like most of the guff Climate Crazies push, the “97%” of climate scientists is another fiction.

            And I bet most of the 52% are dependent on the scam being perpetuated for their salaries.

          • MrMauricio 7 years ago

            Judy Cross-resident concrete headed fossil fool-impervious to logic,slinging any kind of ill informed nonsense trolled from anywhere BUT peer reviewed mainstream science and perpetrating long debunked zombie myths.

  3. Judy Cross 7 years ago

    If funding mattered, one could point to the money scrubbing which goes on transferring money from the Rockefeller interests to Climate Crazies like Bill McKibbon.

    Here in British Columbia, Canada we have Tides Canada funding numerous Enviro groups including the Suzuki Foundation.

    Just more Green Hypocrisy

  4. hvaiallverden 7 years ago

    I am glad the truth final arives in the scinetific comunety regading the fallacy of the AGW cult and their dogmas regarding clima.

    And never have they mentioned polutin witch is a far greater problem that clima, the use of Flameinhibitors by the electronic industry is rearly read or writen about, as an old tecknician, I know they are dangerous, it mimics hormons in organic creatures and is the greates threat to Polarbears, not clima, they have been around for millions of years and are stil here, they realy on the foodchain, not clima.

    The foodchain is rearly spoken of, the use of the moust insane way of catching game ever invente is used in the sea as we speak, the bottom trawling, I am horrifyed by it and nobody cares, that alone devastated Somalian coast line and cemical dumbings done by the bigg corps, out of sight, out of mind, but the reasent decades of “climate scare” have silenced the far more important work against polutions, either by cemicals or by inducing geneticaly “modifyed” clusterf…ups as a “saviour” of humanity.
    Bogus science from the beginning to the end.

    CO2 have absolutely nothing to do with clima, to pick ONE simple messurmental/detectable mark, against a multitute of systems, in a dynamic process and highlight it, is bogus science at best, delibirate dilution at wurst.
    CO2 is carbon is gass form, we exhale it, and trees inhale it. and breaths O out in its pure form, a nuclear porcessor we cant make.
    But the intitale awakening for me, was the scare mongreling, the constant hammering of doomsdays in a multitute of ways, based on ONE single parameter is not only Bogus, its obviously a crime, because the bogus science is so bogus, that it makes me simply worried, have humanity lost its mind.

    The future is uncertain, we have some centurys of mesurments to rely on, and history to interpite, but the future is stil uncertain, climate will always fluctuate, and is largly driven by the mutch bigger universe and our Sun.
    The future energy, is not even certain, we have alternatives but all are based on hyping existing stoneage tecknology, not something radical.
    I have NO fear of the future of man kind, but we cant survive greed and incompetangse, ignorance and lack of morale, sane science for the benefitt for us all.
    Follow the money, is always ends up somewhere.


  5. Covington13 7 years ago

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really afraid of all the catastrophic things that are going happen due to global warming! I still haven’t recovered from that devastating ice age that they predicted back in the 70’s.

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