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Carnegie completes onshore power plant for Perth wave energy project

Carnegie Wave Energy completes of its onshore power plant for the Perth Project and prepares for grid connection.


waveCarnegie Wave Energy has announced the completion of its onshore power plant for the Perth Project, which when operating will become the first commercial-scale  grid connected wave energy and desalinated water project.

Following the grid’s approval last month, the physical works have now been made which means the plant is ready for connection to the electricity grid at HMAS Stirling pending Western Power approval.

The completion of the onshore plant on Garden Island triggers a payment to Carnegie of a $54,444 milestone payment from the Western Australian Government under its LEED Grant for the Perth Project.

Carnegie also submitted a milestone payment claim worth $316,785 for the completion of this milestone to the Australian Government under its grant from the ARENA Emerging Renewables Program.

Because the Carnegie Perth Project is a demonstration not a commercial project, the key objectives are mainly focused on demonstrating the viability of the CETO technology and learning from the experience of deploying and operating multiple CETO units and the complete CETO system.

It is also the only wave project to consist of more than one wave unit connected together and the only wave project to produce both power and freshwater.

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  1. john 6 years ago

    All along the southern coast the country should be taking advantage of the wind and wave power just going to waste.

  2. Rob 6 years ago

    Does this system produce electricity around the clock? Is there any time when it won’t work because the sea is flat or is there always a swell where its installed?

    • wideEyedPupil 6 years ago

      I would have though around Garden Island and HMAS Stirling it’s pretty flat in summer but maybe this is deployed West of Garden Island with more swell?!

      • juxx0r 6 years ago

        It is west of garden island, in the sepia depression between garden island and five fathom bank in about 25m of water. There is usually some swell out there, but randomly it’s flat.

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