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Buddy Platform and Edge Electrons Partner to Drive Down Energy Usage and Spending

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Buddy Platform and Edge Electrons have agreed to integrate PowerSave into the Buddy Ohm product suite; delivering PowerSave customers a Buddy Ohm dashboard.

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9 October 2017 – Adelaide, South Australia

Buddy Platform Limited (ASX: BUD) (“Buddy” or the “Company”), the Internet of Things (“IoT”) data management, processing and control platform, today announced an agreement with Edge Electrons to integrate the Company’s facility resource monitoring product, Buddy Ohm, with Edge Electrons’ power factor correction product, PowerSave.

Through this agreement, Buddy will offer PowerSave as an add-on feature to the Buddy Ohm product suite (beginning in Australia then across Buddy’s international customer base), and Edge Electrons will expose data generated by PowerSave through the Buddy Ohm dashboard and portal experiences. PowerSave is a power factor correction product that helps to reduce the maximum amount of energy required at any one point to run appliances and equipment.

By reducing the maximum energy required, the Network Demand Charge is reduced, helping businesses save up to an additional 20% off their energy bills. The product also offers power factor correction, which corrects “dirty power” that would otherwise significantly reduce the lifespan of equipment on that power source.

Edge Electrons will now offer the Buddy Ohm View dashboard and portal to its existing customer base in Australia. By visualising PowerSave data through Ohm View, building and sustainability managers will gain much easier access to this data, as well as new insights and learnings about their energy usage over time. This functionality will be offered as an additional service to new and existing Edge Electrons and Buddy Platform customers and partners.

Figure 1. An example Buddy Ohm Dashboard with integrated power factor visibility from Edge Electrons’ PowerSave product
Figure 1. An example Buddy Ohm Dashboard with integrated power factor visibility from Edge Electrons’ PowerSave product


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Figure 2. The new Power Factor widget for Buddy Ohm Dashboards provides the easiest way to understand power factor correction and performance from the PowerSave product.

Across Australia, Edge Electrons provides its PowerSave system to a wide range of customers, such as schools, five star hotels, manufacturing plants, golf courses, clubs and service stations. Edge Electrons has also deployed its technologies in New Zealand and South East Asia and is preparing to expand into the North American and European markets.

“We are thrilled to partner with the team at Edge Electrons, some of the most experienced and innovative people in the energy industry”, said Buddy Platform CEO, David McLauchlan. “With our products being so complementary, we’re delighted to be able to help our customers realise dramatic energy savings with vastly increased visibility into how those savings are being realised. With the energy debate in Australia reaching a peak this year, there’s never been a more important time to offer real solutions that customers significant cost.”

“Australians have some of the highest energy prices in the world. This collaboration will help thousands of Australian businesses to lower their electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions” said Richard McIndoe, Executive Chairman at Edge Electrons and former CEO of energy giant Energy Australia. “This is a collaboration that is great for our two companies, but more importantly, delivering real wins for our existing and future customers.”

About Buddy

Buddy Platform Limited (BUD.ASX) provides highly scalable Internet of Things data aggregation and management infrastructure by way of three unique offerings – Buddy Cloud, Buddy Ohm and Parse on Buddy. The Buddy Cloud offers smart city providers a globally scalable data ingestment and management platform. Buddy Ohm, a complete and low cost solution for facility resource monitoring and verification, connects systems that were never designed to work together, while turning energy savings into a strategic asset. Parse on Buddy is a mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) built on the world’s most popular BaaS technology. Buddy Platform is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in Adelaide, Australia. For more information, visit www.buddy.com.

About Edge Electrons

Edge Electrons develops leading technology solutions that help to substantially cut energy costs and improve power quality, whilst having a positive impact on the environment. With a team of industry experts that has worked across the global power industry, Edge Electrons is well placed to help businesses, households and individuals save money on their ever-increasing electricity bills. For more information, visit www.edgeelectrons.com.

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