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Australians prefer renewables: 84% say solar their ideal energy source, 69% wind

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Climate Institute survey finds 84% of Australians prefer solar to be in ideal energy mix of three sources, then wind at 69%, and hydro.

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More than 80 per cent of Australians name solar power among their top three most preferred energy sources, new research from The Climate Institute has found.

In its latest Climate of the Nation report, The Climate Institute found that 84 per cent of Australians preferred solar to be in their ideal energy mix of three sources, followed by wind, at 69 per cent.

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Another 65 per cent of respondents thought that cutting investment in wind farms and household solar – the new government issued mandate for the Clean Energy Finance Corp – was the opposite of what was needed; and only 11 per cent disagreed.

“Despite a year which has seen renewable energy targets wound back, and attacks on wind power, support for both solar and wind in Australians’ preferred energy mix has grown,” said TCI chief John Connor.

Gas and nuclear, meanwhile, were found to be favoured by only 21 and 13 per cent of survey respondents, respectively, with nuclear and coal now tied as the least preferred energy source.

Some 70 per cent of the electorate also agreed that it was inevitable that Australia’s current coal-fired generation would need to be replaced, with 72 per cent saying governments needed a plan to ensure their orderly closure and their replacement with clean energy – 7 per cent disagreed with this.“The government and the opposition have an opportunity to join mainstream Australian attitudes with climate commitments and policies which can limit carbon pollution, encourage renewable energy and clean up our energy system,” concluded Connor.

As well as strengthening support for renewables, the report, based on a survey conducted by Galaxy Research in July, also shows an increasing awareness about the cause and impacts of climate change and carbon pollution regulation, and a greater call for government action.

According to TCI, the results highlight a growing disconnect between the Abbott government – which is due to set its emissions reduction target on Tuesday this week – and public sentiment on climate action, renewables and pollution regulation.

“There is a clear message in this report: ‘the Abbott government should take climate change more seriously’,” said the TCI report.

The survey also found that just over half of Australians thought Australia’s post-2020 pollution reduction targets should be based on climate science and not what other nations do.

“The government and the opposition have an opportunity to join mainstream Australian attitudes with climate commitments and policies which can limit carbon pollution, encourage renewable energy and clean up our energy system,” said Connor.

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  1. Beat Odermatt 5 years ago

    In a democracy the will of the people would be reflected in Government Policy. It seems that an unchristian burn and destroy ideology currently engulfs the mindset of our PM.

    • mick 5 years ago

      I find it incredible that Osama bin laden recognised global warming and had (rotten)ideas to address it while our clowns dither perhaps that’s the real reason he got knocked off

      • john 5 years ago

        Sorry mick a very long straw argument.

        • mick 5 years ago

          a long straw indeed pehaps mischief on my part this was the guts of it. “the effects of global warming have spread to all continents of the world.drought,desertification and sands are advancing on one front,while on another,torrential floods and huge storms the likes of of which only used to be seen once every few decades now reoccur every few years. the world has been kidnapped by the heads of major corporations who continue to steer it toward the abyss. the policies of the world today are not being guided by superior intellects to serve the interests of the people, but rather,with the power and greed of oil robbers and warmongers, the beasts of predatory capitalism.” Osama bin ladin on an audio tape to al jazera news jan 29 2010.

          • john 5 years ago

            Well can I say they are perhaps a little guided by self interest.
            And the effect that only small now against what is to come with increasing the energy into the air just think the {air} as in the troposphere when more energy is pumped into it the results will be higher highs and lower lows which will result in more changes in the type of weather we are used to

          • mick 5 years ago

            obl was trained by cia during soviet invasion of Afghanistan when they left the muj split into the Taliban and al Qaeda-background I reckon he was sophisticated enough to use that address(whether someone else wrote it for him or not) to spur have nots,uneducated,malcontents and zealots to war against the west blaming us in general for damage all too visible in 3rd world countries caused by petro/mining etc abuses. also the worse it gets those closer to poverty will feel it first and react

          • john 5 years ago

            I do understand
            Third world countries will of course look for some outside agency to blame for their situation.
            Looking over there they will say it is their fault I am not achieving.
            Simplistic however that is not to say that third world countries have not been exploited.
            How to move on is how we have to go and deal with the situation now not how it was before.
            So deal with the situation now and put in place a sensible goal of giving the citizens a good outlook that will be achievable and realisable is that too hard?

          • mick 5 years ago

            don’t know mate 1st world the logical leaders but beginning to be acknowledged that politicians need to be bypassed as opposed to being utilised

          • john 5 years ago

            In a democracy only Politicians can make a difference so I would say to you send a letter or contact your local member.

          • mick 5 years ago

            ive contacted all polls of all stripes in my area also a couple of east coast types responses vary,the best was from sa greens who put me on to nsw greens about protesting watermark,afterwards il wander around doing some thing relevant plant trees or find some sort of landcare project il take my fishing gear and make a decade of it

          • john 5 years ago

            Keep your head up and take pride I hope beside speaking you have written to the local member and every other member of parliament you know.
            It is a total waste of time ringing put it in writing.

          • mick 5 years ago

            yep emailed a few don’t think they are interested in country people cheers for kind thoughts mate

    • john 5 years ago

      The will of the people elected the present Government.
      Evenly that is what Australia wanted good luck

  2. john 5 years ago

    I feel that because the actual emissions from 1990 to 2015 are not known by the general public, a year close to the GFC such as 2010 will be picked and a figure not very ambitious used.
    This will be then argued as being larger that previous targets which of course may be true with tonnage, but not when the figures are looked at from a percentage.
    To reduce below 2005 would mean a much larger amount of reduction than the same reduction below 2010.
    It would be better to have all figures using the same year as 1990 not up to 2010.
    Here is how we have performed before.

  3. Steven Taylor 4 years ago

    Renewable energy source will soon lead over utility connection. Solar is still more popular than any other resource. Being local solar installer in Queensland(, I have seen considerable improvement in Solar Panel installation over the years. People now understand the consequences. Australian govt. should take it very seriously

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