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Australian society changes. And its energy source. Obviously

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When even the local pub installs solar, you know that the great energy transition is here, and is unstoppable

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You notice a small change. And don’t think much of it.

But the small changes mount up.

Then, one day, like the mythical straw that broke the camels back, noticing the umpteenth minor difference, you realise that there is a quantum shift going on.

I put solar panels on my roof a few years ago. My neighbour across the road did too.

My mum has them on her roof. Her neighbours across the road are farmers, and they recently did too.

I live in Dubbo, NSW, so you would expect to see a few PV panels around. On houses, obviously. The library has panels on its roof. And the art gallery. Every school has panels. And most of the clubs, because they got into commercial solar early.

For sure. As you’d expect.

I was thinking about modern Australian society, in 2015.

The pub has solar panels on its roof.

The pub.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.23.29 pm copy
The Castlereagh Hotel, Dubbo, NSW, January 2015.


Its like the ten millionth grain of sand has just moved, and now the landslide is inevitable.

Its still slow, but its accelerating. It can’t be stopped now.

The pub has a unique place in Australian society and culture. No other institution has the same mix of functions. Theres nothing quite like an iconic Australian pub.

Especially on a hot summer afternoon.

The pub.

After all the reports published and words written, now I know that its real.

The Great Transition is in motion. We are starting to move away from fossil fuels for electricity generation.

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  1. suthnsun 6 years ago

    Yes, great. We need to think more about finishing the job in the next 10 years because other transitions are unstoppable also and we really really need to put a limit on their extent, obviously..

  2. Alexander Dudley 6 years ago

    My local publican is the archetypal climate change denier- yet he has solar panels on the roof of the pub now too, in what is an incredibly conservative town. Panels on pubs is good to see. What we really need is panels on parliament.

    • Harry Verberne 6 years ago

      And Panels on Kirribilli house! A christian group paid for panels to be installed on the PM’s residence (being renovated so I don’t think he is residing there at present).

      I do not know if Abbott accepted the gift.

  3. Jo 6 years ago

    Happy New Year, Matt! Celebrate with a solar beer!

  4. George Michaelson 6 years ago

    The post office is a tenancy. I suspect they’d do it, if they weren’t cash poor having their income stripped. Maybe post privatization (which btw I oppose but I’m trying to be realistic) The courthouse is often a heritage building. Its a no-brainer for the schools, 2/7ths of the week the entire daytime generation is net export, except for cooling the classroom hamsters.

  5. SydneySustainability 6 years ago

    Well an Australian Icon is doing it you know its got to be a good thing! We have the rooftops, we have the sun – it makes total sense to go solar!

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