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Video of the Day: The Bald Hills wind farm

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A time-lapse video of the construction of one of the 52 turbines at Australia’s most recently constructed wind farm.

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Australia’s newest wind farm, the 106.6MW Bald Hills Wind Farm in South Gippsland Victoria, has been a long time in the making, thanks to opposition from locals – including DLP Senator John Madigan – policy uncertainty, and the federal government’s stated dislike of wind farms.

So we think this time-lapse video, featuring the construction of one of the project’s 52 turbines, is pretty satisfying. What do you think?

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  1. Gordon 5 years ago

    Impressive indeed 🙂 Those blades are a touch larger than ones I carved out of wood for a 3.2m diameter 1kW wind turbine generator about 20 years ago!

  2. Chris Fraser 5 years ago

    I thought that must be difficult to get the fan hub bolts to line up with receiving holes on the nacelle.

  3. Ray Miller 5 years ago

    The blade design looks very slick and high tech, beautiful.

  4. Ian 5 years ago

    What beautiful, elegant solutions

  5. Ana Milosevic 5 years ago

    Elegant which ever way you look at it, clean energy……. Prosperity for the future…. The only way to go is Renewable energy in any shape or form!!!!!!

  6. Tim Buckley 5 years ago

    Amazing and elegant, an engineering masterpiece perfectly suitable for powering Australia’s future. Only a dinosaur could think these are an eyesore.

  7. James Prest 4 years ago

    For anyone wanting to read part of the story of the Bald Hills wind farm (up to 2007) please refer to my book Chapter on the topic; namely James Prest (2007) “The Bald Hills Wind Farm Debacle”, in Bonyhady, T. and Christoff, P. (eds.) Climate Law in Australia, Federation Press at 230-261. This is available on SSRN if you cannot find it at your local library.

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