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Video of the Day: Stuff we can blame on renewables, part 33

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The ever expanding list of stuff we can blame on renewables received another contribution yesterday from Federal MP Craig Kelly. And it’s a doozy.

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The ever expanding list of stuff we can blame on renewables received another contribution yesterday from Federal MP Craig Kelly. We’ve had some cracker ideas before but Kelly’s addition will make any top 10 list, for creativity alone.


And what is his contribution? Child drownings.

So how does this work?

> Renewables = expensive electricity

> Pools require electricity to filter and heat

> Electricity prices will rise to the point where pools will have to either cut swimming lessons or charge higher prices for them

> Less children have opportunity to learn to swim

Therefore, more children will drown because of renewable energy.

This doesn’t quite gel with statistics, which show that despite the surge in uptake of solar and wind in Australia, the number of drownings in 2015-16 is slightly down on the national 10-year trend.

But we’ll let Craig Kelly explain…


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  1. solarguy 4 years ago

    Somebody get the bloody fool out of Canberra.

  2. trackdaze 4 years ago

    Therefore if you have “taken the plunge” and installed solar and batteries to reduce electricity costs children will be safer.

    • Chris Fraser 4 years ago

      Nailed it – in any electorate. There are also many solar pool heating solutions that he wouldn’t want to know about.

    • john 4 years ago

      But that is what he is talking about evidently zero energy cost is higher than real cost in his world
      so help me how did he get elected?
      or that is correct we have a sufficient number of dumb dumb who think the same.
      Cost of energy from thermal 4cents a kWh cost of energy from RE .0 Cents kWh.

  3. Craig Allen 4 years ago

    So the obvious solution Mr Kelly is a bill funding an urgent rollout of solar arrays, heat pumps, insulation and double glazing at swimming pools across the nation. Help them reduce their electricity bills. Think of the children!

    • john 4 years ago

      I would say he hates that ideas old mate

    • Craig Allen 4 years ago

      Also, if we are willing to let pool temperatures fluctuate by say 5°C (like unheated ones do in summer with the weather to noone’s detriment anyway) then they could be programmed to make use of cheap renewable electricity when there is surplus, thereby balancing the grid like giant heat batteries.

  4. Jo 4 years ago

    And I thought COALition politicians were evil. How wrong. At least one of them has just no brain.

    • MaxG 4 years ago

      All of them have no brains… what a bunch of fools!

  5. Ian Smith 4 years ago

    Mt Gambier pool is heated by biomass/sawdust for bugger all cost. Some councils are already walking the talk.

  6. howardpatr 4 years ago

    We will be waiting a long time for his explanation but the LNP’s adviser on climate change and all related matters, the IPA, might be the place he could turn turn to.

    • john 4 years ago

      Yer rite lol

  7. john 4 years ago

    How did this fool get elected?
    Answer there are sufficient people of his intellect to think he is brilliant.
    In fact in talking to people i know there are heaps of them they have no idea about science they just listen to their inner feelings and those are.
    1 I do not like change.
    2 The gument is all wrong and so is the justice system.
    note yes gument is how they say it.
    3 Anyone who says I am going to help you because it is all this science stuff is wrong.
    4 I am the one to help you.

    Out of this malaise of dismal prospects we get people elected to parliament who are certifiably insane.

    The above person is not the only one for peats sake lets elect people who have some intelligence not nutcases as we are seeing now not only in the country but in the western world in general.

  8. phred01 4 years ago

    It’s funny farmers can do the sums! If the electricity is too dear it’s time to put up PV panels & solar evac tubes

  9. MaxG 4 years ago

    The story — or one fo the stories is here:
    The video seems to have been removed to to prevent it from going viral as the dumbest politician :))

  10. Terry J Wall 4 years ago

    What an idiot. Just retire and read and learn.

  11. John McKeon 4 years ago

    So all of our efforts to get action on climate change, avoid its serious threats (to our kids!) and de-carbonise the economy doesn’t even rate a mention? The whole thing hinges on his claim that fewer children could afford swimming lessons? Oh, God, where is a handy piece of four x two?

  12. Ian 4 years ago

    Oh, you might add that renewable solar energy is responsible for skin cancer such as Melanoma especially when exposed to those uneconomical rays in the midday. Renewable wind energy, besides knocking down electricity pylons also causes those children mentioned in the article to catch a chill and develop pneumonia when they swim . Coal,on the other hand, never hurt anyone unless maliciously thrown at them.

  13. Robin_Harrison 4 years ago

    The Greens must take responsibility for a large amount of this nonsense. They took the environment into the political system and positioned it, erroneously, on the left where around 50% of the population will never vote for it despite the vast majority of people now being environmentally concerned to some extent.
    Therefore discussions on the environment and renewables descend into the lies and nonsense of ideology rather than reason. Perfect for ‘business as usual’.

  14. Matthew Ross 4 years ago

    Never mind the fact that local (even on site) renewables is perfect to power a pool pump, with its flexible running options. Rooftop solar works out at about 3c/KWh, way cheaper than grid electricity, especially commercial. So yes Mr Kelly, lets talk about solutions to this problem. In this case the solution *is* renewables.

  15. ROBwithaB 3 years ago

    Very shouty.
    Who votes for these idiots?

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