Victoria report says autonomous and shared vehicles will save lives, billions of dollars

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Infrastructure Victoria report finds $15bn in benefits and a 94% reduction in traffic accidents from shared and autonomous driving.

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With the disruption of transport as we know it — both public and private — imminent, Infrastructure Victoria has given Australians a glimpse of what our city streets could look like with zero emissions and self-driving vehicles.

The independent authority has issued 17 key recommendations in the report which was requested by the Victorian government and looks into the benefits, impacts and challenges that we could face in a future that embraces electric and autonomous vehicles (AVs).

The report was informed by several scenarios based around varying mixes of electric vehicles (EVs) or hydrogen fueled vehicles (ZEVs), private and public ownership, and shared transport.

Two of those scenarios are envisioned via a series of interactive slides, the first being the ‘Slow Lane’ which represents a gradual integration of AVs and EVs into the current mix of ICE non-autonomous transport.

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