Victoria attracts another wind farm proposal

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Australian outfit Synergy Wind has proposed building a 34 turbine wind farm in Victoria’s south-east.

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windfarmflickrMelbourne-based renewables developer Synergy Wind has revealed plans to build a 34 turbine wind farm at Alberton, Victoria’s south-east.

The project, which is in the very early stages, is just the latest in a volley of wind projects to be proposed for the state, including the massive 800MW affair that is awaiting approval for development in the Golden Plains Shire, by German-backed outfit WestWind Energy.

Synergy Wind’s proposed project, while much smaller, promises to generated jobs in the state, and boost the local economy, while also would supplying 460GWh of electricity a year – enough to power more than 45,000 Victorian homes.

“We estimate that during construction the Alberton Wind Farm will generate around 115 jobs
during construction and contribute around $2.8 million to the local economy, which will be spent
in local shops, businesses and services,” said project manager, Coralie Spitzner.

Around 12 long-term jobs were expected to remain over the life of the project, Spitzer said.

“Landowners who host turbines on their properties will receive yearly, drought-proof lease payments, making a welcome contribution to farm revenue with little to no impact on farm operations or living,” she said.

The company says it also plans to establish a community fund, made up of $80,000 of grants each year, to support local sporting teams, community groups and events.

So far, the project is in the process of formal environmental assessments at state and federal levels,
and will lodge an application for planning permit by the end of August 2017.

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  1. Joe 1 year ago

    Two Tongues Turnbull will not like this…he wants The Gas NOT The Wind in Victoria.

    • Chris Marshalk 1 year ago

      F*** Turdballs & the LNP. It’s the states that are now leading the renewable energy push. The LNP have done NOTHING to help except give their corporate mates handout.

      Even when it comes to Electric vehicles, this government is a joke.

      • Joe 1 year ago

        Yep, it makes no sense our government. In Australia over 1 million new vehicles are sold each year, been like that for a few years now. And where is our government in driving ( pun intended ) the change to EV’s? As usual we are the laggards because this government is in the pocket of the rent seeking vested interests.On a positive note,I do love your Wind Turbine, looks a absolute stunner.

  2. DogzOwn 1 year ago

    When will somebody get serious about a couple or 3 hundred MW of wind turbines on 255ha of nondescript coastal land, next to no neighbours or tourists, 100MW grid connect already there, at desalination plant, even going for pumped hydro?

    • Greg Hudson 1 year ago

      And where does the power come from for that turkey desal plant? Brown coal from the LatRobe Valley. The pitiful few wind turbines next door to the plant appear to supply little power (if any). The desal plant was placed where it is is on purpose (IMO) to give the impression the wind turbines were powering it. All just a big scam IMO

  3. Tom 1 year ago

    460GWh pa for 34 wind turbines!

    If they were 3MW turbines that’s a capacity factor of 53%! No-one in Vic has managed over 35% – some are well under 30%.

    How big are these turbines?!

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