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UNSW solar engineer marries under 7.5kW PV pergola

A UNSW graduate solar engineer has used her father’s 15 metre long PV installation as pergola in her country Victoria wedding.


Talk about making the most of your solar panels. Delia, a solar engineer from UNSW, was married beneath a 7.5kW pergola in her dad’s backyard in Violet Town, Victoria.

The 15 metre long PV structure – installed by local outfit EnvrioGroup – was not originally built as a pergola, nor was it built for the wedding, but as way for Delia’s father, Peter Naughton, to cut the bills from his all-electric house.

“The bills were just getting a little out of control and too expensive, Mr Naughton said.”

Nevertheless, it was the perfect addition to his daughter’s wedding ceremony, considering her chosen field.

Delia, who has worked as a PV engineer in Wagga and Alice Springs, has moved overseas to get away from the negative approach of successive Australian Governments towards renewable energy.

“There isn’t a lot of work in PV thanks to the coal lobby, so she has been working in Laos as a result. “ Mr Naughton said.

Delia and her parents will now travel to Laos on Monday for the Buddhist half of her wedding. Here’s to a bright future for the newlyweds.


Photo: Toni Prime
Photo: Toni Prime
Photo: Toni Prime
Photo: Toni Prime
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  1. Alan Baird 6 years ago

    There are real alternative energy hotspots in country Victoria and they’ve been there for some time. The above is another example…

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