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Tesla slashes Model 3 price in Australia, adds features and boosts range

Model 3 price in Australia drops by up to $A7,000, as Tesla also confirms numerous upgrades and an increase in driving range.

Image Credit: Dylan Calluy

The sticker price for the Tesla Model 3 in Australia dropped by up to $A7,000 on Friday, as the Californian car maker also upgraded numerous specifications, delivered a reported increase in driving range, and most notably, added the Model Y’s highly efficient heat pump.

The base Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 is now priced at $A66,900 (before on-road costs), a drop of $A7,000 from its previous $73,900 sticker price that Tesla had imposed earlier in 2020 after a fall in the value of the Australian dollar.

The reversal – following a rebound in the value of the Australian dollar – means the Model 3 is now almost back to its original August, 2019, price of $A66,000, but with much better specs.

The Long Range (LR) variant pricing has also dropped $A6,000 to $A81,900 and the Performance (P) variants has dropped $A5,000 to $A90,900, all before on-road costs and options.

All variants now also get a range of interior and exterior feature updates, as flagged by The Driven in September.

Most importantly, Tesla has confirmed that the Model 3 now includes the Model Y heat pump, which greatly improves efficiency. Tesla has not said by how much, but recent testing by Motor1.comnow puts the Model 3 as the most efficient EV it has ever tested, with an electricity consumption of 11.9kWh/100km.

To read the full story, please go to our electric vehicle focused sister site, The Driven, and click here.


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