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Tesla sells 80% more cars than other EV makers as hybrid sales soar

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August EV sales data shows Tesla is still dominating the Australian EV market, while consumers show a distinct preference for hybrids.

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The Driven

Tesla has now sold 80% more electric vehicles than all other car makers selling EVs in Australia for 2020, pressing home its dominance in the local market, while hybrids continue to soar in popularity.

While hybrid sales have doubled from 2019, battery electric vehicle sales were up 17.3% compared to the year before, according to Vfacts data collected on behalf of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), (noting EV sales are from a low base and do not include figures from Tesla).

By contrast, the wider auto market in Australia is now on its 29th month of decline in sales, further highlighting the ongoing success of electric and hybrid cars.

While the all-electric Hyundai Kona is sitting at the top of EV sales in Australia according to Vfacts, it is of course the Tesla Model 3 that is the real leader.

Including the Model X and Model S, Tesla has in 2020 sold around 80% more electric cars than all other EVs on the market combined.

Adding in year-to-date numbers that may include some spillover into September due to delivery delays in August, there have now been approximately 2,700 electric vehicles bought in Australia in 2020.

This includes an approximate 320 extra Model 3s arriving in August according to Tesla shipping tracker Vedaprime, whose data shows that the Californian car maker is ramping up shipping again, post-Covid shutdown.

While electric vehicles – particularly in the passenger car segment – are on the increase, plug-in hybrid sales are just holding steady, with the only segment on the increase also in the passenger segment.

It would seem that SUV buyers are either opting for the non-pluggable RAV4 hybrid, which is driving sales for Toyota, and has contributed significantly to the 36,000 plus hybrids bought so far in 2020, or the all-electric Hyundai Kona, which is the most sold electric SUV in Australia to date.

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