Tesla on the renewable energy challenge in Australia

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In the lead up to Informa and RenewEconomy’s 2nd annual Disruption & The Energy Industry Conference, we talked with Mark Twidell, Director at Tesla Energy Products & Programs, about the present and future of Australia’s renewable energy industry.

The world’s first Tesla suburb is coming to Melbourne. That’s great news!

Mark: Australia has been prioritised for Tesla energy products due to the climate and saturation of solar within this country. In addition, the rising electricity costs and the adoption of technology by Australians has made this market a compelling one for Tesla.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in making sustainable energy mainstream in Australia?

Mark: Like all new technology, the main challenge is education. Simplifying the message to consumers, and providing an understanding of the benefits associated with sustainable energy are the major opportunities for us.

From your experience, what has been the biggest change in moving Australia towards sustainable energy in the last decade?

Mark: Within Australia we have seen a great uptake of residential solar. That now puts us in a great position as a nation to maximise these assets with battery storage. Ensuring we utilise the largest energy source, the sun, and then utilising that energy at peak times during the evening. Through this adoption of solar, Australians have become far more aware of energy use and sustainable sources.

What can we expect from Tesla to help making sustainable energy more integrated in Australia in the near future?

Mark: Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. As such the introduction of Tesla’s energy products, Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Powerpack allow us to assist residents, commercial bodies and utilities move towards a sustainable energy future.

Mark Twidell will be presenting at the Disruption & The Energy Industry Conference on the topic “Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy”.  


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