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Tata Power Solar commissions world’s largest rooftop solar array

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India now boasts the world’s largest solar rooftop array following the news that Tata Solar Power has commissioned a 12MW array.

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PV Magazine

The 12 MW rooftop array is the largest single rooftop solar installation in the world. Tata Solar Power

The 12 MW installation will be built across eight sheltered venues at a single premise at the R.S.S.B. Educational & Environmental Society in Amritsar, India.

India now boasts the world’s largest solar rooftop array following the news that solar firm Tata Solar Power has commissioned a 12 MW array for the R.S.S.B. Educational and Environmental Society in Amritsar.

According to Tata, the installation has been completed across eight sheltered venues belonging to a single premise of the R.S.S.B., in one complete construction phase.

The project was set up under the Punjab government’s rooftop solar projects scheme, and once completed the array will feed solar energy into the state grid.

The multiple rooftops identified for the array cover 1.621 million square feet of various roof profiles, roof types and truss frames. Hence, the project is considered demanding from a development point of view, and Tata Power Solar CEO Ashish Khanna applauded the R.S.S.B. for having the vision to commission such an ambitious and groundbreaking project.

“With world-class safety being our ethos, the project was commissioned on schedule with highest quality standards by systematic and planned engineering and executed in a safe manner with zero incidents,” said Khanna.

Tata Power Solar has now developed more than 65 MW of distributed solar PV in India.

Source: PV Magazine. Reproduced with permission.

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  1. Jacob 4 years ago

    Good news.

    I bet this was a case of the market deciding to put solar PV on the roof rather than government banning rooftop helipads or swimming pools.

    There is no way government should mandate solar panels on rooftops because I may want a helipad or garden or satellite dishes of whatever on my roof.

    • JeffJL 4 years ago

      Roof top pool for me.

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