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Stuff we can blame on renewables

Turnbull amongst many to point the finger at renewables for South Australia’s power outage. What else can we blame renewables for? Twitter answers.


Yesterday afternoon, after the reaction to the blackout in South Australia, and the insistence by conservative politicians and incumbent energy interests that renewable energy must be to blame, even though it wasn’t, we saw #stuffwecanblameonrenewables trending on Twitter.

Here are some of our picks from the bunch;














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  1. Ren Stimpy 4 years ago


    – No, no, no, neighbour. My dog didn’t poop on your driveway. It was renewable energy.

    – 75 in a 50 zone? But, but, but officer, renewable energy.

    – Don’t look at me like that, my fellow elevator patrons. It smells like renewable energy did it.

    – And so, dear people, whilst the butler’s bank account shows large transfers of money from Mrs Weatherspoon’s account after she was dead AND he was the last person to be seen with her when she was still alive AND his prints are on the murder weapon, I am naming renewable energy as the killer. Constable Polkinghorne, place renewable energy under arrest.

    – Come off it Ref, that wasn’t a grapple tackle. It was a renewable energy tackle.

    – Four points behind in Newspoll? Damn you, renewable energy!

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