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Samsung chosen for new 30MW battery storage facility in S.A.

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Samsung batteries to be used in new 30MW battery storage project next to create reenables-based micro-grid in South Australia.

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Batteries provided by Samsung have been chosen for the second big battery storage project in South Australia, a 30MW/8MWh facility to be built on Yorke Peninsula that will work with a local wind farm and rooftop solar to create a renewable energy micro-grid.

The contract was awarded this week by transmission company ElectraNet to the Adelaide-based Consolidated Power Projects, that will work with international energy firm ABB and Samsung to deliver the project.

The 30MW/8MWh installation will be installed next to the Dalrymple sub-station and near the 90MW wattle Point wind farm owned by AGL Energy. It will cost $30 million with ARENA contributing up to $12 million.

Its main function will be to provide fast frequency response services in case of a fault, but it will also be able to provide back-up power in the event of a blackout, effectively creating a renewable energy based micro-grid, which AGL boss Andy Vesey said last year was the best way to ensure reliable supply.

ElectraNet agrees.

“The South Australian energy mix and landscape has significantly changed in recent years and this project will help the State to adapt to this change,” CEO Steve Masters.

“The battery will demonstrate how energy storage can strengthen the grid and improve reliability for the lower Yorke Peninsula.

“It will work with AGL’s existing 90 MW Wattle Point Wind Farm and rooftop solar PV to provide back-up power in the event of any interruption to supply from the grid until the grid is restored.  These learnings will be applicable in the future to other potential grid locations.

“In addition, the fast frequency response of the battery will improve power system security across the state by quickly injecting power into the grid following a disturbance.”

The battery system is expected to be operating by May next year, and is one of a number of large scale batteries being built in South Australia and elsewhere on the grid.

Last week, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed that the 100MW/129MWh “big battery” next to the Hornsdale wind farm was half complete, and will be ready to operate by December 1, as agreed with the South Australia government.

The Victoria government is also due to announce the results of a tender for two battery storage units, each of 20MW with total storage of more than 100MWh, and a further battery storage unit is planned to accompany a wind farm and hill power Nectar Farms’ new giant greenhouse near Stawell in that state.


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  1. trackdaze 2 years ago

    Bring it. with maybe another 125mwh of behind the meter energy storage likely this year on top of 1Gw of solar.

    No wonder the coal bloke at the minerals resource council up and left. Game over. Replace him with a lithium,nickel or copper person.

    • Joe 2 years ago

      I suspect that there is still some life left in The MCA. The COALition still has its hands on the tiller and there are plenty of Coal boosters that continue to blow hard. The Abbott and his posse take up an enormous amount of public airtime in peddling their nonsense. Rupert’s newsrags are still there every day printing lies and misinformation. So, The MCA still has friends in powerful positions.

      • Hettie 2 years ago

        On the tiller, or in the till?
        Whichever, Australian energy policy is going full speed astern.

        • Joe 2 years ago

          Hi Hettie, cheeky comments but spot on, yes.

          • Hettie 2 years ago

            Seriously, it’s the only explanation for the absolute refusal to accept all the evidence that makes any sense at all.

            Idiots like Malcolm Roberts are obvious idiots. One would think that anyone with more than one neurone would look at him and say, “If that’s what he thinks, the opposite must be true. But no. Corruption is the only answer.

          • Joe 2 years ago

            ‘Aussie Robbo’…he is so smart that he dismisses the Science on climate change. ‘Aussie Robbo he is so smart that he ignores the ‘Empirical Data’ on climate change. ‘Aussie Robbo’, he is so smart that he can hold triple citizenship ( Indian, England & Australian ) all at he same time. ‘Aussie Robbo’, he is so smart that he can ‘choose to believe’ that he was only ever Australian.
            ‘Aussie Robbo’ , he is so smart that he can commit ‘Identity Fraud’ ( my label ) and still go into Court claiming that he is in the right. How many votes ( first preferences ) did the dude actually receive? It is a disgrace all round.

      • bedlambay 2 years ago

        With a very big shove from Larry Anthony, lobbyist and National party president.

        • Joe 2 years ago

          Yeah, ex National Party dudes pop up everywhere once they leave Parliament. Who can forget John Anderson and his time with Eastern Star Gas and THAT pollution scandal in The Pilliga.

    • Jolly Roger 2 years ago

      Prolly cant make people out of metals just yet but a lithium powered self propelled robot could come close.

  2. Tom 2 years ago

    This is BIG news.

    This battery will be the first real test of grid-scale synthetic inertia.

    If it is successful, then goodbye “real” inertia, and goodbye FCAS market. And goodbye to SA’s 3- or 4-gas-generator rule.

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