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Rooftop solar boom marches on, as NSW surges ahead

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Another record month of rooftop solar installations in May, as NSW leads the charge to become the clear leader in the market.

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One Step Off The Grid

The boom in rooftop solar installations in Australia continues, with a new monthly record rate of 131.7MW recorded in May, according to the latest data from industry statistician SunWiz.

The two graphs above show the steady increase throughout 2018, arrested only by a fall in April due to a confluence of public holidays, while the inset (black line) shows how the installation rate has overtaken that boosted six years ago by generous premium feed in tariffs.

NSW led the surge in May, posting a record monthly install of 39MW.

It easily beat the next best Queensland (32MW), which remains the state with the largest amount of solar (more than 2GW) although it has ceded the 2018 leadership position to its southern neighbour.

Victoria also recorded a record monthly installation rate of 25MW in May, while South Australia also recovered part of the ground lost in April and posted a figure of 13.5MW, although it still trailed W.A. with 17MW.

Australia so far in 2018 has installed 584MW of rooftop solar, about as much as was installed in the first 10 months of both 2015 and 2016.

Analysts notes that more households and more businesses seek to reduce the cost of grid electricity, and as more prepare for battery storage and even the expected uptake in coming years of electric vehicles.

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  1. Peter F 2 years ago

    And I assume this does not include C&I installations above 100kW Altogether we are heading for about 1520 MW of rooftop solar alone. That is around the equivalent of 350 MW of coal. Add in about 1.5GW of wind and 1.2GW of utility solar, the total annual output is about 20% more than Liddell, problem solved 3 years ahead of schedule

    • Joe 2 years ago

      Was there ever a problem? AGL did have life after Liddell all sorted. The problem (?) was only with The MOANash Forum groupies, at Rupert’s Newsrags HQ, The COALItion HRNJ’s and the radio shocker dickheads like Jones , Hadley, Smith etc.

  2. George Darroch 2 years ago

    Every state and territory (except SA, which is still doing okay) is going gangbusters right now. NSW and VIC have really taken off and are starting to pull up the whole nation.

    Assuming an median size of 6kW, that’s around 6.5k installs in NSW, and 4k installs in VIC. That’s easily sustainable.

  3. GlennM 2 years ago

    Sweepstake on the first 150 MW month ?…..

    I will go for October..

  4. Chris Drongers 2 years ago

    WA has just over 515 MW of small rooftop solar but today generated only about 55 MW of solar power from it for most of the day. Wind did really well in the early part of the day as a storm front went through but died away later in the day after the front and associated winds had passed through.

    It is about time that states got serious about storage to cover cloudy days.

    • George Darroch 2 years ago

      That’s about as low as it gets. A cloud system, two weeks before the solstice. Home storage would not have made any difference to that. What we really need is a good mix of large and distributed generation technologies, in WA and in the NEM.

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