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Redflow to start selling home battery storage in March

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Australian battery company Redflow says plug and play residential model of zinc bromine technology to be launched on Australian market in just over a month.

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One Step Off The Grid

ASX-listed battery storage company Redflow says it expects to launch its “plug and play” home battery storage unit as soon as next month, with the first residential installations set to take place in June.

Brisbane-based Redflow, whose unique zinc bromine flow battery technology has previously targeted the commercial market, as well as off-grid mining applications, said in an ASX release on Wednesday that it planned to launch its entry into the residential energy storage space at the end of March 2016.


“Product information provided at this launch will include pictures of the new Redflow external battery enclosure and its use in a residential context, performance specifications and system pricing examples,” the company said.

Redflow said the company was already seeing “substantial interest” in the home battery units from its shareholders, who would be offered a discount on them to support the initial phase of the launch process.

The company said it was also working with various installer partners to set up some initial ‘exemplar’ residential installations in a number of different settings.

“Based on the expected timetable for resuming battery manufacture with Flex (as noted above), we are expecting the first residential customer system installations featuring …to occur from June 2016,” the release said.

The company said it also intended to deliver technology to complement the home batteries, including the Redflow Battery Management System (BMS).

This would allow an installer with nothing more than a web browser to achieve commissioning, configuration, and interface of a Redflow battery with multiple readily available inverter/charger electronics systems on the market today, it said.

The ASX report also noted the company’s successful completion of its “end user trial” in an African commercial solar power project, with orders expected to follow.

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  1. Robert Comerford 4 years ago

    Hope they have a competitive priced product. The chemistry seems right for stationary purposes. Wish them the best of luck.

  2. Tomfoolery 4 years ago

    Compared to the Powerwall, that is one ugly looking system!

    • Mike Dill 4 years ago

      If it is less expensive and works, who will care?

      • Jason 4 years ago

        Neither you nor I, but I’m often surprised how many other people do.

        People like shiny things, and have for a very long time. Ancient hominoid skeletons are often found with strings of beads made of shells and feathers.

    • Nathan 4 years ago

      The residential battery will have a much more attractive housing than the bare ZBM shown above.

      • Tomfoolery 4 years ago

        Phew! Ok, all good then 🙂

  3. Phil 4 years ago

    There are possibly some issues with this system based on previous redflow install guides – which may be so out of date to be Irrelevant

    But if still relevant , apart from cost , which we dont know yet , there was a need to do maintenance cycles at the end of a discharge cycle for 30 – 120 mins.This should not be an issue in a domestic situation on grid , but off grid it could be interesting.

    Perhaps 2 are needed in an off grid situation or a genset start ? Or perhaps this requirement is no longer needed ?

    They also recommend periodic on site maintenance annually , so this cost has to be factored in as well. Other issues are that gas venting is recommended (quoted as similar to lead acid battery requirements ),so that will require some different installation approaches to Lithium Ion batteries.

    They also have cooling fans built in , so those with non cooling fan inverters in dusty areas may need more frequent service periods.

    I wish them total success with this unique technology , lets hope it exceeds expectations as any competition has to be good for the consumer

  4. newnodm 4 years ago

    68% efficent

  5. MaxG 4 years ago

    I have a 20kW LiFePO4 battery in a tradie alu box: 1.1m x 0.5 x 0.4m — beat that from a space perspective; no venting, no maintenance… I prefer that any day over this. Also, it did cost me 10k$; can this thing keep up with it? I doubt it.

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