Progress on Granville Harbour wind farm proposal

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Hydro Tasmania has reached in-principle agreement to buy electricity from the proposed Granville Harbour wind farm on Tasmania’s west coast.

The in-principle Power Purchase Agreement with Westcoast Wind Pty Ltd has been reached in consultation with the Tasmanian Government.

Under the agreement, Hydro Tasmania would buy about 360 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy and renewable energy certificates per year from the proposed wind farm, which would connect to the network at Reece Power Station.

Hydro Tasmania’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Davy, said the in-principle agreement represents a significant milestone for the project.

“We’re pleased to be supporting and facilitating the potential for more clean renewable energy generation in Tasmania,” Mr Davy said.

“The proposed Granville Harbour and Cattle Hill wind farms contribute towards plans to make Tasmania the battery of the nation. We continue to work on our studies into additional hydropower and pumped storage capacity,” he said.

The in-principle agreement remains subject to a number of technical and commercial conditions. Hydro Tasmania will continue to work with the proponent to help it satisfy those conditions.

Tasmania currently has on-island wind power capacity of 308 megawatts. The proposed Granville Harbour wind farm would have 33 turbines and a generation capacity of 112 MW.


  • john

    No doubt Hydro Tasmania can utilize this power to pump water at times of low power demand, I would think a good move.

  • John Elliott

    I agree with Charles. Why deplete the “battery” if you have another source of power. I imagine Tasmania’s “(hydro-power) battery of the nation” vision will include greatly expanded hydro storage, somehow given the OK by green voters who want green energy as well as green river valleys (without dams).