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NSW govt: zero emissions target would shut down state, end emergency rescues

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NSW environment minister says ambitious climate targets will make vegetarianism compulsory, shut anti-terror and emergency services.

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The fear campaign spread by Coalition ranks against ambitious climate change and clean energy targets won’t go away.

In the latest salvo, the NSW Coalition government has dismissed a proposal from the NSW Greens to achieve net zero emissions by 2040, saying it would effectively “shut the state down”, and even bring an end to anti-terror operations and emergency rescues.getimage.aspx

The response to the Greens proposal, outlined here, was reported in the Daily Telegraph (we couldn’t find an online link, but it was in the printed copy in our local cafe, and we always scan the headlines for a giggle), who quoted environment minister Mark Speakman as saying that to achieve the Greenzes target, the entire state would have to shut down.

“They want to cut emissions by 25 per cent in just five years,” Speakman was quoted as saying.

“It may require mandating vegetarianism to reduce agricultural emissions and would stop Western Sydney’s airport from ever going ahead.”

The newspaper also quoted Speakman as saying such a target would stop hazard reduction burns, anti-terror police operations and emergency rescues. Presumably he is worried about the ability of electric or fuel cell vehicles making it down the street. Someone should tell him about the L.A. police department and it’s planned fleet of Tesla pursuit vehicles.

Speakman earlier this month attended the launch of the zero net energy plan for the town of Uralla, a blueprint the government has said could be replicated by other towns, but apparently not across the state.

Speakman’s own Office of Environment and Heritage recently suggested that Australia, and by implication NSW, should adopt much more ambitious emissions reduction targets. It did not specify a range, but cited as an example the Climate Change Authority’s recommended 40-60 per cent reduction range on 2000 levels by 2030. Continuing that trajectory would take the country close to zero net emissions within the next two decades.

The current federal target for 2030 is for a 19 per cent cut below 2020 levels, now expressed as a 26-28 per cent cut from 2005 levels (when emissions were higher). Labor has recommended a 50 per cent cut in emissions by 2030.

The OEH report said that the NSW economy was in danger of being left with “stranded” fossil fuel assets and missing out on investment in new technologies if it got left behind on climate policies.

It also risks rising temperatures that would reduce opportunities for burn-offs that Speakman fears will be impossible in a world of renewable powered electric or fuel cell vehicles.

Speakman’s department and the NSW government blocked the release of that OEH report. It was only revealed by a freedom of information search by Fairfax Media.

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  1. Ken Dyer 5 years ago

    what rubbish! Yet another salvo from the loony right. Do all the LNP politicians own shares in Mark Vailes’ coal mine?

  2. Chris Fraser 5 years ago

    This man is just parroting the tinfoil hat fears of the conservative Right.

  3. MaxG 5 years ago

    It is time this mob is put out of business. Neither party cuts it any more more. Given the current state of play, it seems only the Greens are electable.

    • Ian 5 years ago

      Don’t you mean Greens are Delectable.

      • MaxG 5 years ago

        I went through the effort and read all The Greens policies. As a socialist at heart, voting labour all my life, I am seriously considering voting green from now on. Their policies agree more with my (however more radical) stance than labour. Both major parties are similar and do not get it what is required to steer AU into the future.

  4. phred01 5 years ago

    “It may require mandating vegetarianism to reduce agricultural emissions” yep with 2 + deg warming Australia we will be come a net importer of food! Suppose we could dig more coal so we could eat…lol

  5. Miles Harding 5 years ago

    It will certainly terminate some of the vested interests that fuel these loony right pollies.

    My theory is that they are in the business of self-delusion. It can be seen in their ‘skepticism’ about greenhouse warming, love of coal in a world rejecting it, state finances that profit from the most vulnerable and now opportunity, or lack of it.

    The move to (true) sustainability is inevitable, and they have a choice to either lead this and profit from the opportinities it brings or to remain rooted in a byegone era and miss those opportunities. So much for the clever country with these morons around.

  6. Rob G 5 years ago

    Clearly the NSW coalition haven’t heard about what California are doing. Same old scare campaigns and looking more stupid everyday. These are probably the same quacks that thought microwave ovens would give you brain tumours.

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