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Musk reveals EV charging station of the future – and his favourite Tesla models

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Tesla CEO on his favourite models, the latest super-fast charging station, why full autonomy is the future, and his plans for reusable rockets.

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The Driven

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed which of his company’s electric vehicles he prefers to drive, just as Tesla unveiled the first of its new range of super-fast charging stations, including solar and battery storage.

The question about Musk’s driving preferences has been an intriguing one for Tesla fans, and his response to a question on Twitter probably held no surprises, as it included a version of each of the main models, S, X and 3.

Musk, who famously sent his, or at least a, Tesla Roadster into space last year, said his first preference was a Model S performance, with the latest full self driving computer. No surprise there, as Musk and Tesla see full autonomy, robo-taxis, and their own technology as a key advantage going into the electric future.

He also likes the Model 3 performance version, but is happy to hop into the Model X if he is driving around with his children. He seems to like the instant torque and acceleration.

In an interview with Motor Trend, Musk expresses surprise at the slow response to Tesla’s success, and says he reckons rival company vehicles have no soul. But he has no doubt about the future. It will be electric, and autonomous.

‘I think the autonomy is really going to transform automotive … I mean since the major innovations in production that Henry Ford and others came up with, the next two massive disruptions for cars are electrification and autonomy, and electrification and autonomy are happening at the same time very basically,” Musk said.

“So the future will be all electric, all autonomous. I don’t mean some electric, some autonomous, I mean all electric, all autonomous. And in fact, I would really caution someone against buying a gasoline or diesel car or truck because it will have poor resale value in the future.

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