JA Solar claims world record solar cell efficiency conversion

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JA Solar claims new world record for multi-Si solar cell efficiency conversion.

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Chinese solar manufacturer JA Solar Holdings says it has attained 20 per cent solar energy conversion efficiency in its multi-crystalline silicon solar cell, which it says is a world record for a multi-Si solar cell efficiency.

The new mark came just 9 months after it had set a previous record of 19 per cent efficiency in its multi-Sci cells. The company says the new record means that it can increase power output, and reduce costs for solar modules.

JA_Solar_cell_inspectionThe new record was set by using advanced proprietary light trapping and surface passivation technologies. The company expects to mass produce multi-Si cells using its nw technology into commercial assembly lines in 2015.

“This accomplishment once again demonstrates JA Solar’s unrivaled ability to advance PV technology, and creates value for our customers by increasing power generation and reducing installation costs,” chief operating officer Yong Liu, said in a statement.

Dr. Wei Shan, the company’s chief scientist and R&D manager, said his team expected to set new efficiency gains in the quarters ahead. “We have only just begun. The confidence we had in surpassing 20% efficiency this year extends now to our expectation to realize even more efficiency gains in the quarters ahead,” he said.


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  1. Dave Keenan 5 years ago

    You goofed with the photo there, guys. It shows a mono-crystalline cell. The corners give it away. 🙂 But interesting article.

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