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Is this Tesla Model S the world’s most expensive electric car?

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Priced at over $200k, the Tesla Model S may just be the most expensive EV on the market.

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There is no doubt that the Tesla Model S is a premium product that carries a premium price tag. While Tesla itself often quotes the “starting at” price for its Model S, however, at least one Tesla owner wanted to see just how high he could get the car’s price by ticking all the options that were made available to him. The result? The $205,820 Tesla Model S shown here.

Now, to be fair, I should point out that nearly half of the cost of the $200K Tesla you see here comes from aftermarket upgrades made by a company called TSportline. Presenting themselves as a sort of “AMG for Tesla,” TSportline claims to be “the world’s first electric car accessory tuner specifically focusing on the Tesla Motors brand.” And these people know a thing or two about jacking up a car. “We are a group of automotive enthusiasts with over 30 years of combined automotive accessory experience. Our passion is electric cars and the Tesla brand. We believe Tesla has provided us a pallet (sic) where we can enable each owner to individualize his or her Tesla.”

Faulty grammar notwithstanding, it looks like the TSportline guys know what’s what. You can see what the included TSportline upgrade options cost here …

Most Expensive Tesla Model S

… and note that their prices are actually fairly reasonable when compared to, say, RENNtech or Brabus, who offer similar visual and interior upgrades for Mercedes and Tesla-branded cars. If you can afford it, then, it might not be a bad price to pay for an utterly unique ride.

You can see more of the modifications TSportline made to this “most expensive Tesla Model S” in Gas2′s 15 image photo gallery, and let us know what you think of the car in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Source: CleanTechnica. Reproduced with permission.

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  1. Miles Harding 6 years ago

    All that consumer chrome …

    What’s missing?
    The inevitable engine and transmission train mods. Can’t we have some flappy paddles?

    Of course, in Australia, even the stock car will be nearly unique for some time yet!

    • juxx0r 6 years ago

      In Australia the base model will cost about the same as the super bling model in the USA thanks to Kevin Rudd’s increase in luxury car tax.

      • Ronald Brakels 6 years ago

        Your maths is a bit off there. The luxury car tax is 33% per dollar of car cost above the threshold which is $75,375 for a fuel efficient car. And a Tesla is fuel efficient. And I’ve heard that the basic model Tesla S may be sold in Australia for $75,000. If so it won’t be touched by the tax at all. No need to thank me for setting you straight. It’s all in a day’s avoiding work.

        • juxx0r 6 years ago

          So $63,570 USD for the 60kWh version plus the $7,500 Tax credit plus $3,000 Shipping gives $74,070 USD, converted to AUD gives AUD 81,563 plus GST plus luxury car tax, not plus import duty due to our FTA.

          My previous comment assumed that the base model was the P85+ as used in the graphic above. Either way, there’s gonna be LCT. No need to thank me.

          • Ronald Brakels 6 years ago

            Oh right, I thought you meant the cheapest model Tesla. Let’s see, with $123,770 US for the P85+ and using your figures for tax credit and shipping and the current exchange rate gives a luxury tax of about $24,000 so it will still about $54,600 dollars less than the super bling one in the US. But I forgot about GST! Not sure how that works. Is it GST on the full amount and then the luxury tax on that or is it something different? Anyway, it should still be cheaper by about $37,000 dollars or about 22% less. Which I guess is getting close to about the same.

          • juxx0r 6 years ago

            I get $188,955.13 And the australian government are a bunch of wankers

          • Ronald Brakels 6 years ago

            Yes, how dare they classify my car as not being luxurious? I’ve never been so insulted in my life!

  2. RobS 6 years ago

    This is a truly silly exercise. They have paid thousands for Tesla upgraded paint and paint armour then thousands more for a total body wrap, almost 5,000 on Tesla wheel upgrades then tossed them in the bin for 7,500 wheels from Tsportline, 2,500 on Tesla audio upgrades then chucked the gear away for a 9,000 aftermarket upgrade. It’s easy to make something look expensive when you pay for a bunch of bits twice.

  3. Peter Castaldo 6 years ago

    Looks like an advertisement not an article when the price list is added like that

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