Is Australia about to get its first Chinese electric vehicle?

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First Chinese-made electric vehicles heading to Australia, offering new competition in lower to middle price points.

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The Driven

I have been predicting the arrival of the Chinese electric vehicle onslaught for some years now. Like the weather bureau – if I keep predicting the same thing, I will eventually be right!

It seems this is the case with Chinese EVs too. Various factors have delayed their arrival since the first attempt by E-Day Life back in 2011.

However, the sheer size of the Chinese EV industry is quite frightening: the sorts of monthly sales numbers in figure 1 are just for plug-in EVs.

Those numbers are what Western EV auto manufacturers could only dream of for annual sales! (By the way: it is worth noting the brought forward jump in sales for June/drop off this July due to a changed low emissions vehicle incentive scheme in China).

China monthly EV sales. Image:
China monthly EV sales. Image:

Once Chinese EVs start to arrive in Australia (or anywhere else for that matter) the auto industry will have a major competitor for the bottom to middle price segments on its hands.

In Europe, one of those early Chinese EV entrants is the MG ZS which recently hit the market there at a very competitive price.

Well, the first ones are now on hand here in Australia – new vehicle importer EV Automotive, in collaboration with the Chinese EV manufacturing business DFSK, is formally announcing two Chinese built EVs for the Australian market at the National EV Expo and Experience Weekend in Sydney this October 26 and 27.

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