Improper creation of STCs results in compliance action

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Recent compliance action

Following recent enforcement action against one of Australia’s largest solar retailers, the Clean Energy Regulator has taken enforcement action against one of the largest registered agents, Emerging Energy Solutions Group Pty Ltd (Emerging Energy), who improperly created small-scale technology certificates (STCs) based on false information and representations provided to them by third parties.

Emerging Energy improperly created STCs for non-compliant solar PV panels and installations that were not done by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installer. Emerging Energy’s compliance procedures did not identify that the information provided to them contained false information.

Emerging Energy has voluntarily entered into an enforceable undertaking with the Clean Energy Regulator to address the non-compliance. The enforceable undertaking includes Emerging Energy:

  • updating their compliance program
  • surrendering improperly created STCs, and
  •  reinspecting solar PV installations.

For more information on current and previous enforceable undertakings, see Enforcea ble undertakings.

We take compliance seriously

The Clean Energy Regulator takes fraud and non-compliance seriously and to ensure integrity in the scheme, we have increased proactive monitoring activities and enforcement actions. Monitoring activities will reach out across the STC creation chain to identify any party that contributes to the improper creation of STCs. Enforcement action will be taken against any scheme participant who commits an act of fraud or serious non-compliance.

The Clean Energy Regulator strongly encourages registered agents to have appropriate compliance programs in place to reduce the risk of breaching regulatory requirements for STC creation, remedy any breach that may occur, and continue to foster a culture of compliance.

What are enforceable undertakings?

The Clean Energy Regulator may accept enforceable undertakings from scheme participants in cases to prevent or address serious non-compliance. Enforceable undertakings are written statements from a person or organisation that they will do, or refrain from doing, certain things in order to resolve detected contraventions or improve compliance with the legislation.

For more information about our monitoring and enforcement powers, please see the compliance, education and enforcement policy.

Contact us

Contact the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme Compliance Team if you have any concerns about the integrity of the scheme at [email protected] Any information provided will be treated confidentiality unless otherwise agreed.  


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