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Hydrogen fuel cells offer clean alternative to diesel gen-sets

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Perth firm Avid to offer latest hydrogen fuel cells as clean alternative to diesel back-up for mining, food and other companies.

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Perth firm Avid Group says it will partner with a global leader in hydrogen technologies to bring leading-edge fuel-cell modules to the Australian market.

Avid will offer 1.4kW hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative power supply to traditional diesel backup generator sets in a partnership with UK firm Intelligent Energy.

Avid hopes to provide an alternative to diesel generators by offering a fuel-cell module that can provide back-up electricity without the associated emissions and noise of the diesel-fuelled options.

Avid will target industrial users, including mining and telecommunications sites, as well as the portable generator market, focused on food and entertainment industries.

Avid Hydrogen Fuel cell model (supplied)

Hydrogen fuels have benefits over diesel fuels, as their fuel-cycle emits no pollutive exhaust, and provided the hydrogen is produced through the use of renewable energy, there are no associated greenhouse gas emissions with the fuel.

“Hydrogen is cleaner, safer and more efficient than diesel. The only thing that the fuel cells emit are water vapour. It makes perfect sense that it is part of our renewable energy mix.” Avid Group business development manager Aaron Teo said.

“Hydrogen has the potential to become an important alternative energy source in Australia, just as it has in Europe and Japan,”

“In the past 15 years, we’ve seen a big take up of solar power across Australia and we believe hydrogen will also take off in the same way.”

“We just need to make it more readily available and educate industry about the benefits of making the switch.”

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