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Heads up Barnaby: 300MW solar farm headed your way

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A 300MW solar farm – which would be Australia’s biggest – planned near NSW town of Armidale, the heart of Barnaby Joyce country.

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A 300MW solar farm is being proposed near the New South Wales town of Armidale, in what would be the largest project of its type in Australia.

solar first solarThe project, proposed by Infinergy, although in its early stages of development, adds to the growing number of large-scale solar projects in the state, which is home to the Nyngan, Broken Hill and Moree solar farms, and another five projects from 20MW to 50MW that will be built under the ARENA large-scale solar program.

It would also reinforce the New England electorate of deputy prime minister and renewable energy critic Barnaby Joyce as one of the major renewable energy centres in the country, given that it is also the home of the White Rock wind and solar farms and the Sapphire wind project.

The project was revealed by NSW parliamentary secretary for renewable energy, Adam Marshall, who also revealed he is pushing to significantly reduce application fees for such projects in the state.

Marshall said application fees for such projects in NSW were around $215,000, but in other states it was $14,000 (in Victoria) and close to $10,000 (in Queensland).

“What sort of message does that send?” he said in a speech to the North Coast Energy Forum in Coffs Harbour. “We want NSW to be the renewable energy capital of Australia” so reducing such fees would need to happen if it was to succeed.

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  1. Alex 3 years ago

    What’s the bet Barnaby manages to get a photo with a shovel?

    • Rod 3 years ago

      The only time I want to see Barnaby with a shovel is with an imprint of his face in one

      • Jo 3 years ago

        I strongly disagree with the last two comments.
        Not that I am a friend of Barnaby. But guys, we can do better than falling back on a language of hate and violence.
        Let’s work on a better world. And that starts with our behavior and language, even and especially in contact with our enemies.

        • Rod 3 years ago

          You are entitled to your opinion.
          Just off the top of my head:
          A strong supporter of the live animal export to countries with a history of animal cruelty
          A blatant $25,000,000 pork barreling moving a govt dept to his electorate
          A dishonest and virulent attack on Tony Windsor in the recent election
          Willing to return water to an inefficient , polluting and probably subsidised industry (cotton farming) rather than improve water quality for all users of the Murray Darling
          A proponent for giving big polluters and farmers 5.1 billion dollars to pretend they are reducing emissions
          Don’t even get me started on Pistol and Boo
          This guy is our 2IC, what an embarrassment.
          His attacks on RE and support for FF directly threaten the health of myself and my family.
          Nothing you can say or do will make this guy change his mind.
          I won’t resile from my language.

          • Jo 3 years ago

            Well, while I agree with your points, I do not agree with your language.
            Rants and ‘death threats’ (that’s how they will be called) do not support our cause but help the other side. It may make your feel better for a moment but it will not change a thing.

        • Coley 3 years ago

          Totally agree, those in favour of extractive fossil fuels, should only have a coal fillers shovel inserted into the appropriate orifice after a full environmental impact assessment, a couple of judicial reviews and a liberal application of tea tree ointment! Crack on.

    • MaxG 3 years ago

      He can dig his own grave and jump in it for all I care!

      • Notta Mehere 3 years ago

        i’ll happily push him in…

  2. Kenshō 3 years ago

    Well done Marshall for pointing out application fees are over ten times higher for projects in NSW compared to other states. Wow, huge solar project. So is this strategically placed, to protect areas from vulnerable runs of poles and wires? Will it supply power to local areas if cut off from coal fired power stations?

    • Ren Stimpy 3 years ago

      “Will it supply power to local areas if cut off from coal fired power stations?”

      You really are a fossil fuel lobbyist blogger, Kensho. You comments on this site are forthwith worthless.

      Lucky for you that you and I won’t ever personally meet, you paid up dufus.

  3. howardpatr 3 years ago

    So disturbing that Joyce, the admitted denier of anthropogenic climate change, is also so involved with the Murray Darling. A few years of better rainfall and the fool wants to backtrack. Like Cayman Turnbull he can turn to his belief in his god for guidance.

  4. Tobias J 3 years ago

    There is no such thing as a renewable energy critic. Just fools who don’t know it.

  5. Rob G 3 years ago

    Wow that fee looks more like a “please don’t apply”. That’s got to go.

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