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GRS, present and future of the photovoltaic EPC in Australia

With a track record of 360 MW awarded, four projects and a robust pipeline of another 320 MW, GRS has become one of the leading EPC contractor of solar farms in Australia.



The Australian solar photovoltaic market continues on the growth path it set out in the run-up to the pandemic. These months of uncertainty have generated a certain amount of concern among clients and investors, but have also served to shed light on the continued activity of companies such as GRS, which has ensured the delivery of its projects in a timely manner, as well as boosted its presence in the oceanic country by strengthening a pipeline of new contracts with which to position itself within the top-of-mind of trusted EPC contractor.

Currently, GRS has a 360 MW track record awarded in four projects, of which it has completed construction in two of them. In the last one, which comprises the 67.8 MW of Goonumbla Solar Farm, it has reached a milestone that reflects the quality, professionalism and efficiency of the company when it comes to executing its projects: it has been the fastest photovoltaic plant -of similar size- ever built in Australia. In this way, GRS consolidates its position with a robust track record and continues in one of the countries most committed to renewable objectives and to investment in what is, to date, the cheapest and most efficient form of clean energy generation.

In the words of its Australian Managing Director, Carlos López: “GRS is at a moment of great activity in Australia, a country where we are carrying out large-scale projects and where we have built up trust thanks to the daily work of all those involved in each photovoltaic installation”. He also points out that “milestones such as the one achieved in Goonumbla demonstrate our ability to be responsive to any situation and that the fact that we place special emphasis on quality in all phases of the project is crucial to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients“.

He also sends a promising message for the future: “2021 is about to be a great year for GRS in Australia, with new projects and awards that will boost us as one of the most track-recorded EPCs in the country“.

The fact that GRS has ensured the delivery of its projects in a particularly delicate situation shows its commitment to clients and investors, demonstrating its ability to meet deadlines and needs, whatever the context. The trust generated among the important players in the sector is reflected in the creation of a pipeline that allows them to guarantee their presence in Australia over the next few years.

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