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Graph of the Day: Green Bond issuance to soon pass $100 billion

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Green Bond issues expected to surpass $US100 billion for the first time in a single year in 2017.

Source: BNEF
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Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Annual green bond issuance by issuer/bond type

Source: BNEF
Source: BNEF

Annual green bond issuance will hit triple digits for the first time this year.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s most recent Green Bond analysis finds $96 billion in issuance so far this year, and expects another $39 billion in new green bonds before the end of the year.

That $135 billion annual total would be a 36% increase in issuance from 2016. Bonds are tagged on the Terminal according to Bloomberg’s green bond criteria, which assesses the use of bond proceeds against international green principles.

Southern Company subsidiary Southern Power Co is the largest U.S. issuer to date, having sold over $3 billion worth of green notes to fund investments in power generation since 2015.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Reproduced with permission.


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  1. Kevfromspace 3 years ago

    The growing green bond markets follows an exponential curve that beats the impressive solar installation rate and even the famous Moore’s Law. It should give any pessimist hope about the possibilities for combating climate change to below 2 degrees of warming within the Paris timeframe.

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