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Graph of the Day: What we need, what we’re getting

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How Turnbull’s National Energy Target will be worse for the renewable energy sector than no policy at all.

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Wondering how bad the Turnbull government’s National Energy Guarantee could be for renewable energy development in Australia? Environment Victoria has put together a bit of a chart, illustrating that for renewables – let alone for the climate – the NEG could be worse than doing nothing at all.

And for a full explanation of what this might mean, and how this came about, read RE editor Giles Parkinson’s latest analysis here. 



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  1. Keith Altmann 3 years ago

    I have had the benefit of attending a modelling session at Engineers Australia today, going over the actions available to avoid catastrophic climate change. The key message coming from the modelling that a low level of action in the next few years, say by 2022, will make the effort of dealing with climate change much, much more costly. The current Government policy that exists will not achieve our very weak Paris commitment regardless of their spin (lies?) – we now are at the point where suggestions such as Craig Kelly’s that we can take more time to reach our (inadequate) target show both wilful ignorance and a complete disregard for the extreme damage he is supporting. I weep for the future of coming generations and am sad that we have such an incompetent and evidence distorting Government.

    Keith Altmann
    Civil Eng.

  2. Ian 3 years ago

    When you tame a horse it bucks hardest before it breaks! Could this be the Coalition’s last effort at holding on to the old ways?

    • Sir Pete o Possums Reek 3 years ago

      Mate I’m a Vegetarian, but even I see that some horses are way better off as pet food ;>

      I agree though this certainly seems to be a “belief system” spinning down the plug hole.

  3. MaxG 3 years ago

    We are getting what we deserve! The people voted for these clowns, and after talking with some of their constituency, I now understand how useless any opposition is on a reasonable and intellectual level. These guys truly believe what they are saying; it is not that they make it up to fool others; no, they truly believe — nothing will shake their foundation or change their thinking. Hence, the dark side will not read here, and if they do, they are trolls or quickly ousted. Rightfully so, but it certainly does not create a dialogue. — I for one have given up and go alone, as I have for 5 years now, and continue doing so. Next, increase production of my own food.

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