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First Tesla Model 3 electric sedans delivered to customers in Australia

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Tesla commences deliveries of first Model 3s to Australian customers, heralding what is hoped to be an acceleration of EV uptake in Australia.

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The Driven

Tesla has commenced delivering the first Model 3 EVs to Australian customers, heralding the possible acceleration of what has so far been a slow shift to electric mobility.

Tesla Australia confirmed first vehicles delivered starting on Tuesday in Australia, while New Zealand – according to some excited social media accounts – appears to have been one day ahead.

“We have our Tesla Model 3 SR+ at home and charging tonight, despite the heavy rain in Sydney. Midnight Silver looking good,” said one new Model 3 owner via Facebook.

It is understood that this particular Model 3 SR+ is not necessarily the first delivered in Australia, but could be the first to be registered in NSW.

In New Zealand, the excitement is equally intense, with first deliveries in Auckland on Monday, it is understood.

Twitter user Billy Lin snapped this shot of Model 3s (above) being delivered in Auckland, while fellow Kiwis Geoff Lowe and Aaron Green tweeted their glee at receiving their Model 3s also (below).

Meanwhile, it is believed (via ship spotter @VedaPrime) that the third shipment of Model 3s is set to arrive in port tonight aboard the Brotonne Bridge, following closely behind the Kota Express that arrived in Port Botany on Monday (Tesla Australia could not confirm the shipping schedule, however).

Meanwhile, for those in Australia who have been wondering if Tesla’s 7 day return and full refund policy applies, it appears any claims to the contrary by local sales staff will now be clarified.

CEO and founder Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday (Australian time) about Tesla’s online sales experience (as opposed to having to go to a car yard) that customers “can order online at in 2 mins, have car delivered to ur doorstep & return for full refund”.

However one follower retweeted that post, saying that in Australia this is not the case, to which Musk replied “Should be. Will fix.”


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