Evie Networks opens its first ultra-fast charging station, powered by renewables

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The St Baker-backed Evie Networks opens the first of its planned ultra-fast chargers in Queensland, under a solar canopy.

Evie Network's Coochin Creek fast charger. Supplied
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The Driven

Evie Networks has opened the first of its planned 42 ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations in Australia, with a ceremony at the Coochin Creek location between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast that will be powered by renewable energy.

The 350kW charging station has been built by Evie Network’s corporate stablemate Tritium – both are partly owned and backed by Australian coal baron Trevor St Baker – and this installation sits under a solar canopy.

The site between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast has been designed to complement the network of 18 EV fast chargers installed in cities up the coast by the Queensland Government.

“This station is the first of what will be the largest rollout of ultra-fast highway charging stations being built in Australia,” said Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills.

“There are currently only around 70 fast charging sites in Australia, most of which are proprietary or require a subscription.

“Providing ultra-fast charging stations at accessible highway locations around the country, all open-access and ‘pay-as-you-go’, like the Coochin Creek, is about serving EV drivers and opening up new journeys.”

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