Energy Insiders Podcast: Would conservatives try to stop clean energy if it wasn’t about emissions?

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With wind, solar and storage clearly beating fossil fuels on costs, would conservatives seek to stop that investment if it were not also about emissions? Emma Herd, from the IGCC, joins us for a fascinating discussion.

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Investors simply don’t know what to make of the latest political ructions in Australia, and its decision to effectively abandon any emissions reduction component in its energy policy, or anywhere else in the economy for that matter.

Emma Herd, the head of the Investment Group on Climate Change, which represents more than $2 trillion in funds under management, says it is clear that money is ready to be deployed in new technologies and infrastructure, but it will find a home in other markets if Australia continues to sow confusion with its policies.

And Herd wonder this: If it wasn’t about emissions, would conservatives still seek to stop investments in clean energy

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