Electric vehicle or swimming pool: Which uses more electricity?

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Electric car or pool? The fact it, one of these will consume much less electricity than the other.

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The Driven

One way to put electric vehicle electricity usage into perspective is to compare it with a selection of common household electrical uses – such as a domestic swimming pool.

However, whilst it is easy to imaging a volume in terms of litres of fuel as comparisons between low and high consumptions – it is hard to ‘visualise’ just how much an EV uses in comparison to other electrical uses.

As can be seen here, on average an EV adds around 33% to the usage component of an electricity bill, in the process saving $1300 in petrol costs after deducting the additional electricity usage.

So, using the figure for an average annual EV electricity consumption of 2268kWh, what does this equate to with ‘other appliances’?

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