Community calls on Alcoa to shut down coal plant

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A 700-people-strong community march in Anglesea has called for Alcoa to shut down its polluting coal power plant.

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A 700-people-strong community march in Anglesea has called for aluminium giant Alcoa to shut down its polluting coal power plant, which is set to continue producing energy despite the imminent closure of the nearby smelter it was designed to supply.

Source: Surf Coast News

The rally was organised by the local community group, Surf Coast Air Action, with the support of Friends of the Earth.

“For fifty years, Anglesea has hosted a coal mine and power plant. Today, the community had a simple message for their guest: it’s time to shut it down,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s Renewable Energy Coordinator.

Citing public health concerns, the community called for the power plant to be retired and the mine remediated. The plant, currently Australia’s third largest emitter of sulphur dioxide, a known respiratory irritant, is located just 500 metres from a primary school.

“It’s time to put public health ahead of pollution, and Anglesea’s aspirations ahead of Alcoa’s profits,” said Ewbank.

Alcoa and the Napthine government have been notably silent about the future of the Anglesea coalmine and power plant.The ‘Shut It Down’ campaign will take its case to prospective buyers, energy retailers and the banks. The group says there’s no social license to operate a coal power plant or mine in the town.

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  1. Craig Allen 5 years ago

    Besides the pollution and CO2 emissions, the mine eats into exquisitely beautiful and biodiversity rich heathlands. Shut the mine, close the station and create alternative employment by supporting renewable energy manufacturing in Geelong instead.

  2. Lorraine Bull 5 years ago

    There is excess generation capacity already, therefore no need for any power from the Anglesea power station which would be required to install additional sulphur dioxide pollution control.

  3. Kevin Brown 5 years ago

    The prospect of multimillion dollar taxpayer grants from the Government’s (Direct Action) Emission Reduction Fund for emissions reductions easily achieved by retiring dirty coal power plants that are beyond their normal economical life incentivises Alcoa and other operators to keep them in operation.

  4. ac baird 5 years ago

    Bet Joe Hockey finds the Anglesea pit positively uplifting. Talk about wacky values…

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