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Coalition Monckton admirer wants job as science minister

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A noted Coalition climate skeptic, who admires Lord Monckton and thinks his arguments are “reasonable”, wants to be the new science minister.

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One of the Coalition’s more vocal climate change sceptics – and a supporter of the ‘reasonable views’ of Lord Monckton – MP Dennis Jensen has called on Tony Abbott to appoint him as federal science minister. With a master’s degree in physics and a PhD in material science, the member for Tangney, WA, believes his is the right man for job – a job currently earmarked for Sophie Mirabella, whose grasp on the seat of Indi still hangs in the balance.

“I think that I’ve got a lot to offer,” Jensen told Fairfax Media. “I’ve got some unique attributes.” One such ‘unique attribute’ might be his repeated questioning of the scientific consensus that humans are contributing to global warming.

As Fairfax reports, Jensen does not believe man-made carbon dioxide emissions are contributing to changing global temperatures as much as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests. Nor does he think governments should be taking urgent action to cut those emissions.

“In the climate area there is appeal to authority and appeal to consensus, neither of which is scientific at all,” Jensen told Fairfax Media on Thursday. “Scientific reality doesn’t give a damn who said it and it doesn’t give a damn how many say it.” Thus, says Jensen, the “argument of consensus” – the view that 97 per cent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely caused by human activities – “is a flawed argument.”

Closer to the truth, he argues, are the utterances of Lord Christopher Monckton, the infamous British climate denier who has toured the world, including Australia, to debunk the “bogus” science of global warming. “Most of the stuff [Lord Monckton] says is entirely reasonable,” Jensen said.

As an aide-mémoire – to borrow a phrase from Graham Readfearn – of where Lord Monckton sits on the denier scale, he once (just weeks before his 2011 tour of Australia) described the views of Australian government climate policy advisor Professor Ross Garnaut as “fascist”. And during a Californian conference talk (where he shared the platform with ‘intelligent design’ advocates) he used a two-metre high picture of a swastika next to a quote from Professor Garnaut.

More recently, Monckton’s support of the Rise Up Australia party – which believes that only God can control the climate (and that Victoria’s fatal 2007 Black Saturday bushfires were divine punishment for Victoria’s laws allowing abortion) – even had Andrew Bolt questioning his thinking.

“Why on earth was Christopher Monckton endorsing the nationalist Rise Up Australia Party? Great chance for warmists to paint climate sceptics as fringe dwellers,” the climate science mangling News Ltd columnist wrote on his blog. And he was right.

On other matters, Jensen told Fairfax that, if he were appointed science minister, his vision for science in Australia would centre on encouraging more young people to study science, and on fixing up the funding model of the Australian Research Council to encourage more innovation.

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  1. Albert Sjoberg 7 years ago

    Oh please may this not come to pass.

  2. Graham Storrs 7 years ago

    Coalition policy on most things scientific or technological is a joke (look at their version of the NBN) but this would be no laughing matter at all. It would be a tragedy.

  3. Elaine Walker 7 years ago

    One does not think well of a scientist whose hero is someone who falsifies his citations. No thanks to Jensen for not using your training from when you studied to become a physicist. While it’s true that merely because most people say something is true, it doesn’t make it true, but when the majority of the people who have studied the matter and are experts in the field give as their opinion that it is most likely true, then you need to have some damn good evidence to counteract that. And the deniers do not have such evidence.

  4. Ian Garradd 7 years ago

    He might be well qualified, but clearly maladjusted for such a job.
    Him in such a position would be dangerous and irresponsible for any government given the current situation of global environmental decline.

  5. Michel Rahme 7 years ago

    One thing is almost certain – Tony Abbott will not be remembered as the ‘infrastructure Prime Minister’, he will be known in the history books of the future as the ‘climate denier Prime Minister’!

  6. Miles Harding 7 years ago

    Quick, Tony! You’d better get Dennis on the job. He fits your criteria perfectly.

    What is really surprising is that anybody of a reasonable educational background would believe anything that ‘lord’ Monckton says. In Tony’s own words: it’s all crap!

    Beyond any belief, or other, in the careful analysis of so many good minds, the likes of Monckton and his followers, who effectively advocate exponentially increasing business as usual, are ignoring the stark reality that this is the only planet we have and if all those corrupt and fool scientists are actually correct, the prospects for the human race making it very far past 2100 are not good.

    Shame on you Dennis for being such a fool!

  7. GregP507 7 years ago

    This is why the circle of fear exists in the scientific community. Any respectable scientist who appears to be soft on those who question the alarmist claims of global warming, is likely to be out of a job, and a career, in short order.

    Worth a second to think about.

  8. GregP507 7 years ago

    This story fails the first smell-test miserably. Name-calling is not only unbefitting of good journalism, but it belies pseudoscience as well. No credible scientist worth their salt would resort to using labels such as these against those who might choose to disagree on scientific interpretation of the data.

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