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Cleantech stocks stay ahead of pack in November

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Australian CleanTech Index again outperforms both Small Ordinaries and ASX200 in November. Standout stocks included Petratherm and Greenearth Energy.

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The Australian CleanTech Index rose from 41.3 to 41.5 over the month of November recording a 0.5% gain. This compared to the S&P ASX200 loss of 3.7% and the S&P ASX Small Ordinaries Index loss of 3.8%. The Australian CleanTech 20 also recorded a 0.5% gain.

The quarterly and 12 month performances of the Index also remain ahead of the benchmarks with 7.5% and 7.7% gains respectively.

The best performing sub-indices for the month were the ACT Environmental Services Index with a gain of 13.5% and the ACT Geothermal Index with an 11.8% gain. The weakest sub-index through November was the ACT Solar Index recording a loss of 11.5%.

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The market capitalisation of the 63 stocks in the Australian CleanTech Index is A$16.4 billion setting a new high and up from its low of A$6.2 billion in July 2012.

The month’s performance was driven by 8 companies with gains of more than 10%. The greatest percentage gains were recorded by Petratherm (PTR), Papyrus Australia (PPY) and Greenearth Energy (GER). The greatest market capitalisation gain was recorded by Mighty River Power (MYT).

These gains were partially offset by 9 companies recording losses of more than 10% led by SWW Energy Limited (SWW), Water Resources Group (WRG) and Quantum Energy (QTM).

These best and worst performers are shown in the table below.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.32.24 AM

The Australian CleanTech Index is published each month on the Australian CleanTech website at, in the Ethical Investor magazine, WME’s Environmental Management News, the Clean Energy Council website, the SIM Venture Securities Exchange website and the London-based Cleantech Investor.

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