Australia’s emerging issue of congestion at electric vehicle charging stations

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Influx of new EVs, longer range and more road trips means a lot of people now seem to be turning up at the same charger at the same time.

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The Driven

Congestion at electric vehicle charging stations seems to be a rapidly emerging issue.

The recent influx of second generation EVs, with their greater range, is enticing many more drivers into taking regional or longer distance EV road trips.

A lot of us now seem to be turning up at the same charger at the same time.

In a recent road trip article I wrote for The Driven, I described a congestion situation at the NRMA charger at Mittagong which generated lots of comments.

As a result of these comments, and discussions with friends, I think it is worthwhile airing some possible responses to this situation.

In the long term, I assume we will reach a state of equilibrium and the supply of chargers will more or less meet demand. The challenge is in the short term as we navigate the ICE to EV transition.

How can we use our chargers most effectively?

In this article I want to focus my comments on congestion at en route rapid chargers which are mainly used by travellers.

Managing congestion at destination chargers is quite a different issue – I’ve been caught out a few times by that problem as well..

To read the full story on RenewEconomy’s electric vehicle dedicated site, The Driven, click here…

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