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Australian EV market hots up as Renault promises ZOE and Kangoo

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Renault to offer its fully electric ZOE “supermini” EV and Kangoo minivan for sale on Australian market in “couple of months.”

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mec-zoe-2-800x600 copy
Image supplied by Renault

Two more fully electric vehicle models are set to hit the Australian market, with Renault Australia reportedly confirming its pure-electric ZOE supermini and Kangoo ZE van will be made available to Australian buyers within the next “couple of months”. reports that the ZOE (pictured above), unveiled in Europe a year ago with a upgraded  “real-world” range of more than 300km, will soon be available in Australia in two versions – $42,470 for the entry-level ZOE Life, and closer to $A45,000 for a more tricked up model.

The pure-electric Kangoo Maxi ZE, a van-like vehicle able to carry around 650kg, and with a range of around 200km, will also be made available, mostly as as a fleet car for Australian businesses, starting at $A45,990.

This Renault Kangoo, the green car to the left of the Tesla Model X, was imported specially for its NSW owner last year. Soon, they will be available for sale in Australian.

The two medium-priced fully electric cars will be a welcome addition to a market sector found wanting over the past two years, as a vicious circle of lack of market demand and lack of consumer choice have worked to bring Australian EV sales to a virtual standstill.

Also helping to break the EV drought in Australia – although not this year – will be the Tesla Model 3, the US company’s first mass-market EV, priced at around $US36,000; and the new and “completely reinvented” Nissan LEAF, which has been the world’s top selling EV, to date.

According to reports, Renault – like so many other international EV makers – had been reluctant to bring its battery-powered cars to Australia due to the stunted market. But a spokesperson for the French car maker said it now thinks Australia is “EV ready”.

As notes, the two Renault EVs have been best-sellers in the Europe EV market, with combined sales of more than 120,000 vehicles since their launch last year.

In Australia, the cars will be distributed through Renault’s Corporate Sales Division, and sold and serviced by a single dealer in Sydney and another in Melbourne.

The company has hinted that it will offer corporate buyers of the cars a 7kW fast-charger that can fully charge either the van or supermini from empty in little more than seven hours, or 35km of range in one hour.

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  1. Joe 3 years ago

    The Elon and his Tesla is getting some hot competition now.

    • JohnM 3 years ago

      Elon just wanted to get things started with EV’s and did a fine job.
      Having released all his patents, he was clearly not concerned with competition.
      Widespread uptake an acceptance was his mission.
      Besides that, reviews imply these other models don’t really stack up when considering the features and safety of Tesla.
      The Model 3, the even cheaper model Y, the pickup and the semi will give the “competition” something to think about.
      It’s worth considering China will most likely come up with something about half the price.
      Watch this space.

      • Joe 3 years ago

        I’m sticking with my HPV…Human Powered Vehicle…my Malvern Star Bicycle!

        • Rod 3 years ago

          Stick an electric motor on it and you too can have an EV
          Mine’s a Malvern Star too.

          • Joe 3 years ago

            Ah, a two wheeler, a beautiful sight indeed. But isn’t a motor assisted bicycle…sort of cheating?

          • Ian 3 years ago

            E-bikes are an essential part of our work fleet. Big hills to travel, and nice not to sweat too much for back in the office. No not cheating and vastly lower emissions than the cars.

          • Rod 3 years ago

            Them’s fighting words.
            I’m getting on a bit and it is either a bit of assistance or I sit on the couch.

          • Joe 3 years ago

            To all my ‘Cycling Buddies’ here…long may two wheels reign…motor assisted or leg drive assisted.

          • Chris Adams 3 years ago

            Cheating if you’re competing but not if you’re commuting. By your measure, driving a car is “cheating”.

          • Chris Adams 3 years ago

            Lechie bling ring and Shimano Altus DR; good combo. I wish you many km of fuss-free, fossil-fuel-free eBiking!

          • Rod 3 years ago

            Thanks Chris. A fellow eBike anarchist?
            The Lekkie was a necessity. A dropped chain in the middle of a busy intersection with no means of propulsion is not a good look. Dropped chains are now almost history.

            I was a bit iffy about the Altus. My “normals” are higher specced. But yes the Altus is a good fit with this bike.

            As you might imagine, with the BBSHD discretely tucked away, the thing is a hoot to ride.

        • JohnM 3 years ago

          Good on you Joe, just bought my daughter a vintage model Malvern Star, -as was my first, second and most bikes after that. Good old Aussie manufacturing at it’s best!
          Pedal On!

          • Joe 3 years ago

            John, Great to hear that you are a Malvern Star lover as well. I have had a few Malvern Star bikes over 25 years. Can’t go past them as a tried and trusted Aussie product.

        • Mike Westerman 3 years ago

          Go Malvern Star – my carbon is an Oppy – another Ozzie great. Sadly it makes you realise how far Australia has slipped in fields that matter!

    • Gyrogordini 3 years ago

      Err, no, not really, with the Model3 headed for $80k, on road. Maybe Nissan if it can be bothered launching the new Leaf, and Hyundai, when it launches the Ioniq ev.

      • Alex Shoolman 3 years ago

        Actually according to estimates it should start at around $55k drive away in Australia. You can certainly add more extras and push the cost up to $80k but that’s your choice. These estimates have also been confirmed by tweets from Elon Musk himself too.

        The Zeo is certainly a step in the right direction though and at that price it helps to further bring the price down for Australians.

  2. George Darroch 3 years ago

    About time. Australia has been ready for a while, but the price was either to high (50k for a hatchback) or the models were unavailable.

    If these came on lease they’d do well.

  3. Dan 3 years ago

    Are they offering their battery lease deal here?

    • Gyrogordini 3 years ago

      Apparently not

  4. Roger Franklin 3 years ago

    Top marks to Renault Australia for going to the expense of bringing these two vehicles to the Australian Market. Given their real world range at a more affordable price – let’s hope they find enough buyers to get these out on the road and in the public eye. From the Overseas reviews – the battery is likely to outlast the rest of the vehicle!!

  5. juxx0r 3 years ago

    So AUD $33k in Germany and AUD $43k here. Sounds about right

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