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Australia asked to join Trump pro-coal alliance

Trump official says US wants to form group of countries to promote “clean” coal, to offer an alternative path to nations who have a more positive political attitude to the fuel.


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The fight over coal’s future is going global, with the Trump administration seeking pro-coal allies as an intergovernmental campaign to end coal use announces new members in Paris.

The US’ proposed “Clean Coal Alliance” has not begun recruiting for members, according to Washington-based E&E News, which broke the story on Monday. But Australia, Indonesia, China, India, Ukraine, Poland and Japan were all likely to be asked to join.

“The US is considering pulling together a group of countries that support using cleaner, more efficient fossil fuels,” an administration official told E&E. “There is an anti-fossil fuel movement being aggressively pursued by a number of countries and environmental activists.”

The effort will be led by Trump’s main climate advisor George David Banks and the US Department of Energy. It would encourage cooperation on technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of the most polluting fossil fuel. It will also promote natural gas exports.

Avoiding dangerous temperature rises above 1.5°C means decarbonising the global electricity sector by 2050. This has led many to question whether coal can have any place in the economies of the future.

The timing of the White House announcement was not accidental. It came on the eve of world leaders (not Donald Trump, who was not invited) gathering in Paris to mark the second anniversary of the Paris climate deal.

At that meeting, a global alliance of governments committed to ending coal power, launched last month, was set to announce new members, including Sweden, California and the French energy company EDF.

In an article for the Guardian, British prime minister Theresa May said: “Burning coal to generate electricity is one of the dirtiest and most destructive ways of generating power.”

The Powering Past Coal Alliance, which was launched by Canada and the UK, will expand on Tuesday. At last month’s UN climate summit in Bonn, it counted 17 countries and a handful of subnational governments as members.

The counter-alliance offered by Trump’s US is an attempt to offer an alternative path to the nations who remain heavily reliant on coal, or who have a more positive political attitude to the fuel.

The outreach to Ukraine fits with reporting by Climate Home News that Ukrainian diplomats were hoping for discussions with the US on coal technology deals around the recent Bonn climate talks.

This article was originally published on Climate Home. Reproduced here with permission.

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  1. Jo 3 years ago

    Why do we need clean coal if there is no climate change?
    Believe me we will all be fine. Believe me, it will also be better. So much better, that you cannot believe!

    • Joe 3 years ago

      I’m now a believer.

      • rob 3 years ago

        LOL You are always so so funny!

  2. James Caldwell 3 years ago

    The accompanying picture should at least include some clean coal. The best way to achieve this is draw a little unicorn horn on each piece. Otherwise, at this stage, there is no such thing. As the costs of renewables continue to plummet exponentially, they will leave any attempt to create a near-zero emission process for producing energy from coal in the dust.

  3. Mark Fowler 3 years ago

    Of course we will. We have already, over the years, given billions to the coal industry to prove up the CCS technology and that has delivered massive benefits (to coal industry executives), whats another few billion or so.

  4. DevMac 3 years ago

    “It will also promote natural gas exports.”

    Is that the kind of exports that are making local gas prices roughly double what they should be?

    If Malcolm signs on to this, it completely invalidates any commitment he says he has towards lowering electricity prices for consumers.

    • Andy Saunders 3 years ago

      Old story, now different.

  5. Angus M Robinson 3 years ago

    If the Australian Government is stupid enough to join Trump on this campaign in the face of the all the evidence that ‘clean coal’ is an oxymoron, the Australian electorate will in all probability consign the Turnbull Government to the dustbin of history at the next election!

    • Joe 3 years ago

      ‘Clean Coal’…that’s what you get after you wash off all the black dirt.

    • rob 3 years ago

      They have already!

  6. howardpatr 3 years ago

    How short sighted homo sapiens are – all that coal and gas will be required for purposes other than burning for energy by future generations; that is those that survive the anthropogenic climate change recent and current generations have caused.

    The likes of Abbott and his many RWRNJ followers are too obsessed in wanting to get to their “heaven” to care about the longer term.

    • jeffhre 3 years ago

      Oh, I think I get it. After they die from inhaling combustion gases and coal dust, there will be many virgin maidens for them in heaven?

  7. D. John Hunwick 3 years ago

    Any move by Australia to join Trump must be strongly resisted. It sends the wrong message at the time when renewable industries need long term assurance.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      The Aussie Coal Cheerleaders are ready to fly over to the U. S. of the A. I mean we’ve got our Scotty ready to go over with that now very famous ‘ lump of coal’ ‘ Less well known is Scotty’s mate, The NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, who also has quite the affection for a ‘lump of coal’. And running shotgun over in the States we’ll throw in Matteo Coalavan, the Abbott, the Joyce and the Kelly. Can we stamp their passports and visas “never to be readmitted to Australia’. They can all toss off together over in the States with their little black wonder rocks in hand.

      • Scottman 3 years ago

        I agree with the “never to be readmitted” line.
        Shurely we should have a postal vote for everything that the gov proposes these days.Huh. I’d rather lose $122m than the billions we will(are) losing with these idiots.

  8. Rod 3 years ago

    On a happier note, a Democrat just beat a Republican in Alabama of all places. If the trend continues in the mid terms we will have one helluva lame duck Drumpf.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      Dare I ask if the female section of the vote had anything to do with the result? Can’t America copy Aussie politic….you know how we do it here, knife a current Leader and install a new one. Surely the Yanks can learn something from us for a change!

      • Ken Dyer 3 years ago

        Joe, apparently there was a huge turnout of African Americans. And as far as the coal alliance is concerned, we all now know , anything that Trump or his minions touch, engenders the Reverse Midas Effect (RME), otherwise known as ETTS (everything turns to shit)

        • Hettie 3 years ago

          A lot like the Abetz effect.

          • Ken Dyer 3 years ago

            And now we see how all the right wing wingnuts, including Trump, who loudly and vehemently supported Moore are now belatedly, sinking the boot in. Just goes to show, you can’t trust ’em.

        • Barri Mundee 3 years ago

          And a low turnout of Republicans I read.

      • Hettie 3 years ago

        Unprecedented voter turnout, I read in I think the New Daily. The GOP vote was split between Moore and the official nominee, whose name I didn’t bother to remember, so the Democrat scraped in.
        Who cares how? The GOP now have only a 1 seat majority in the Senate, which looks like the end of the line for the orange brat’s outrageous tax bill.

        • Joe 3 years ago

          Why is it that ‘oranje hair colour ‘attaches itself to such divisive people.

          • Hettie 3 years ago

            Joe, in Trump’s case I believe the orange refers note to the colour of his fake tanned face than to his hair, which is more straw like than orange. At least I hope so, being a (somewhat faded) redhead myself.

          • Joe 3 years ago

            Straw colour is just…faded ‘oranje’..ha, ha,ha.

  9. Michael Murray 3 years ago

    These guys really lack a sense of humour. Surely they could have called it Trump’s Procoal Harem ?

    • Giles 3 years ago

      love that. if they didn’t, we will!

    • Mike Westerman 3 years ago

      Or more fittingly for him, Trump’s Allied Coal Kind Yobs

    • Hettie 3 years ago

      Love it

    • Chris Ford 3 years ago

      A Whiter Shade of Pale is definitely something that appeals to Twitler.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      A Great Band!

    • Ren Stimpy 3 years ago

      yeah they have to wear a veil in public but submit to all kinds of shenanigans in private…

  10. jeffhre 3 years ago

    Ha ha, this is truly amazing. Donald Trump has a climate adviser? Why?

    • Peter Campbell 3 years ago

      To advise him that it’s all nonsense, of course.

      • jeffhre 3 years ago

        What is nonsense? That which does not exist. How is that nonsense, if it does not even exist?

        Why would a grown man in a position of authority hire a subject area adviser, pay him with real tax payer dollars, to tell him about fairy tales and fantasies?

        • Peter Campbell 3 years ago

          Why would the same grown man appoint a person to head the EPA who believes the EPA should be disbanded?

          • jeffhre 3 years ago

            EPA? He thinks it’s bad, very baaad.

            But a climate adviser to work on something that doesn’t exist? Did Bannon tell him it was worth enlarging the bureaucracy by a cabinet level slot for that? To do what?

        • Chris Fraser 3 years ago

          Jobs for the boys. The climate adviser is being kept close to Trump – because he ‘knows too much’ for his own good …

        • Mike Westerman 3 years ago

          Are you for real? Humans as a species teeter along a line between the bizarre and the insane. Despite having the most powerful brain on earth they kill their fellows for not believing nonsense.

          • jeffhre 3 years ago

            Most folks think they have a rational reason for killing someone. Or, as in the case of tobacco executives, friends and relations.

            That aside, what is the rational reason to hire someone to enlarge the government you are shrinking (while growing the military) to work on something that does not exist?

  11. Radbug 3 years ago

    It’s no surprise Poland is to be asked to join this alliance. It has earned the emnity of its EU partners in every other way, why not this way? Another thing, the Baumgarten explosion. In 1983 (don’t go after me re the exact date!) in the USSR, the CIA had an asset in the KGB whose job it was to check & redirect the flow of the incoming 1st Directorate industrial espionage harvest. Well, he told his control what his job was and Langley doctored a body of code to create a positive feedback loop and allowed 1st Directorate to steal it. The asset sent it on … to the Soviet gas industry. Next thing we know there was a massive explosion in Soviet gas hub in Siberia. The hunt was on, the asset was caught, and ended up with a bullet. The Baumgarten hub is due to receive cheap Russian gas via Turkstream pipeline in Q4 2019, in direct competition with high price US LNG coming south from Poland in support of the 3 Seas concept. The point is, that Washington/Langley has motive and it has form regarding this sort of cyber espionage (remember Stuxnet?). Langley just blew up the Baumgarten gas hub.

  12. Carl Raymond S 3 years ago

    If we join this ‘enemies of the human race alliance’, it’s time to practice speaking with a New Zealand accent, so if we go OS we can pretend to be one of the good guys.

    • Hettie 3 years ago

      Nah. An Aussie talk Kiwi?
      Don’t kid yourself.

      • Carl Raymond S 3 years ago

        You are right. It would be time to move to Auckland.

  13. MaxG 3 years ago

    I am sure AU will join! Look at the clowns in power… they are all for it. Remember how Turncoat was curry favouring Trump in that phone call… wait for it… lunacy has free reign in AU.

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