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AGL’s new 200MW Silverton wind farm to cost just $65/MWh

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AGL Energy ito begin construction on 200MW Silverton wind farm in NSW after agreement reached on a record low price for an Australian wind project.

TARALGA, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 31: Taralga Wind Farm on August 31, 2015 in Taralga, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
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silverton wind farm map

AGL Energy is set to begin construction on its 200MW Silverton wind farm in western New South Wales after agreement was reached on the terms of the project’s sale to the Powering Australian Renewables Fund, the first greenfield project of its kind to be acquired by the joint venture fund.

AGL will pay a price of just $65/MWh for the output of the wind farm in the first five years – the lowest known off take agreement yet struck in Australia, and comparing with the $73/MWh price struck in the ACT wind auction for the Hornsdale wind farm, although that price was fixed for 20 years.

The off take price is also cheaper than current wholesale prices in the Australian market. CEO Andrew Vesey said there was an option to extend the contract for another five years at the same or a lower price.

ITK analyst David Leitch said that base load futures in NSW are currently trading around the $70/MWh mark.

“So this is cheaper than the prices being charged by coal generators, including AGL in NSW. Of course the location is some distance from major load centres,” Leitch said.

“This low price for wind reinforces that the lower global costs for renewable energy are reaching Australia. Sustainable Energy Research Analytics recently estimated the capital cost of the $190 million 100MW Clare solar farm at just $1.78 per watt and as low as $1.57 per watt for the 98MW Sun Metals solar plant.
“The electricity for these projects will be priced at under $80/MWh depending on the exact cost of capital used.”

GE will supply 58 of its 3.4MW wind turbines to the $450 million project, with Catcon to act as EPC, the contractor to build the project, which is estimated to create 150 jobs at the site west of Broken Hill.

Geoff Culbert, CEO of GE Australia & New Zealand noted the sale of the project to PARF demonstrates the potential of the joint venture fund to stimulate renewable project growth in Australia.

“Not only is this project innovative in its technology, but it’s also a clear demonstration of how an innovative financing structure can be used to unlock investment in large-scale renewable energy projects,” Culbert said in a statement.

The PARF was launched in early 2016 to help reduce the financial burden on AGL to meet its obligations under the renewable energy target.

Location of the 200MW Silverton wind farm west of Broken Hill
Location of the 200MW Silverton wind farm west of Broken Hill

The partnership withQIC and the Future Fund has already acquired AGL renewable assets including the 102 Nyngan and 53 MW Broken Hill solar projects. PARF is aiming to develop around 1 GW of large-scale renewable capacity.

The Silverton wind farm is expected to be completed in 2018. It will be sited in New South Wales’ Barrier Ranges, around 25km north-west of Broken Hill.

AGL’s Silverton project manager Adam Mackett said the company was pleased to be bringing a second major project to the region.

“We are very thankful for the support we have received from the local community during the development phase,” said Mackett, in a statement.

AGL will be hosting a communication consultation meeting on the project tonight Silverton Youth Hall.

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  1. Bristolboy 4 years ago

    Good to see further evidence of wind getting cheaper, especially now it has dropped below wholesale prices and so can be said to have reached grid parity.

  2. A1 4 years ago

    PARF got fleeced.

    • Jonathan Prendergast 4 years ago

      Better returns than money in the bank

  3. John Norris 4 years ago

    $65 AUD = $49 USD/MWh. Compare to lowest USA PPAs of $32 USD/MWh. Unsubsidized.

  4. trackdaze 4 years ago

    At any price they are worth the look on rightwingers faces.

  5. Mecheng 4 years ago

    Excellent to see this project proceed. Rumour has it the tower sections will be fabricated offshore, local industry potentially to miss out again, which would be disappointing.

  6. David Pethick 4 years ago

    Two comments:

    1) That price – wow! It’s not hard to understand why AGL set up PARF and is willing to do a 5-10 year deal @ $65/MWh.

    Compared to building it themselves, the offtake agreement is a far better outcome for AGL.

    I can’t make the numbers add up, even with the high capacity factor (~45%) and assuming a 10 year term @ $65/MWh – at $2.25/W CAPEX and $10/MWh OPEX, this has a zero IRR.

    That’s ignoring the loss factors. QIC and Future Fund are not dumb, so I’m not sure why they let AGL get away with such a low price.

    David Leitch – can you run this project through your model and let us know what you think?

    2) The location – if Matt Damon wants to make a sequel to “The Martian”, he should head west of Broken Hill. That landscape sure is desolate.


    Dave P.

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