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Abbott’s climate policy: ‘So unintellectual to as to be unacceptable’

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Report comparing global climate policies finds Australia only country to wind back mitigation efforts. Says fed govt policies ‘unacceptable’, disappointing.

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The latest update of a report that assessed 66 countries on their climate change mitigation strategies has singled out Australia as being the only country to wind back national climate legislation.

The report was complied by Globe International, a body which assesses climate mitigation laws worldwide, and its head, Lord Deben, described moves to abolish the carbon tax in Australia as being “very disappointing” – in an interview with the Financial Times.

Lord Deben, when he was John Gummer, was a former UK government minister under Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major. He has lashed out at the Abbott government’s climate policies as being, “so unintellectual as to be unacceptable; I mean it is just amazing.”

The British peer’s remarks to the Financial Times, itself hardly a bastion of radicalism, included a stab at the climate analysts from which Abbott bases his climate policy, describing their work as “very dubious.”

“[This is] the last example of a government coming to power on the basis that really all this [climate change] is nonsense,” said Deben.

While Australia’s recent climate policies came in for criticism from Lord Deben and were highlighted in the Globe International Report, Canada and Japan were also identified as having emission policy heading in the wrong direction.

Canada’s national policies were somewhat tempered by provincial initiatives, including carbon taxes and renewable energy incentives. Japan’s emission trajectory was also influenced heavily by the country’s move away from nuclear in the wake of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Globe International’s climate mitigation policy work is carried out in partnership with the London School of Economics. The report reviews 500 pieces of relevant legislation and tracks measures back to 1997. It is the fourth edition of the study and comes in at 700 pages long. The countries surveyed in the report account for more than 90% of the world’s carbon emissions.

Lord Deben’s forward to the report reads: “The study shows that 61 out of 66 countries have passed laws to promote domestic, clean sources of energy and 54 have legislated to increase energy efficiency… legislation is progressing at a rapid rate, reflecting the fact that addressing climate change is being seen firmly in the national interest.”

Australia’s climate mitigation policies seem to moving at a similar pace in the opposition direction.

The Globe International report notes that the legislation aimed at dismantling Australia’s climate mitigation policies have not been passed by the Senate. What is effectively a bisection for the West Australian Senate is therefore taking on great significance in this regard.

Lord Deben is a Conservative Party peer and his comments echo those made to RenewEconomy last week by Australian economist and climate policy advisor Ross Garnaut.

“This isn’t a conservative government in Australia, this is radical government,” Garnaut said. “A conservative government would’ve wanted to conserve all the good things about Australian life wouldn’t be seeking to undermine the current climate policies.”

climate policy comp
As momentum builds for climate change legislation, Australia is leading the way in heading in the opposite direction.

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  1. fuckall 6 years ago

    what rubbish!!!!!!
    you all bunch of cuntmotherfuckers!!!!
    climate change is all crap!!!!
    you all dole bludgers!!!!
    get a real job!!!

    • sbafa 6 years ago

      Please tell me more kind sir.

    • Jonathan Gifford 6 years ago

      Ah, clearly not an “unintellectual” position that one.

    • DermotDuncan 6 years ago

      Wow @disqus_kI7DA61LpD:disqus you must be proud of your communication and reasoning skills. I can understand why someone would not put their own name to this post. Such language would have you thrown out of most public places and probably many private places too. There actually seems to be a few of these types of posts today on the two main clean energy websites. Very disappointing really.

    • Peter Campbell 6 years ago

      Surely Mr FA is just cleverly parodying the government’s position.

      • Chris Fraser 6 years ago

        You’re such a good fellow giving the benefit of the doubt, a doubt which is clearly there ?

        • Peter Campbell 6 years ago

          Mr FA could not have intended that his comment would be taken literally, afterall anyone taking a position like that would be “so unintellectual as to be unacceptable”.

    • George Montgomery 6 years ago

      It’s clear that you know f***all about grammar, punctuation and climate science.
      However, I don’t blame you personally for your illiteracy and inability to enunciate what you mean without relying on base, banal crudities. I blame the functional grammar in the modern English curriculum “taught” in schools failing to overcome your family influences.
      I don’t blame you personally for your lack of science knowledge as I know that lip service is paid to teaching science in primary schools.
      Don’t let the final three years of your schooling that you spent in Year 6 affect your outlook on life. Try to rise up above that and seek counselling on a possible career path the next time you have an appointment at Centrelink. There’s a good chap.

    • Roger Brown 6 years ago

      Ha ha , didn’t know that Tony abbottair could use a computer ?

      • fuckall 6 years ago

        anal cum to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Roger Brown 6 years ago

          4.41am feb. 27th ? Not even a Australian troll ? Do your parents know you are using their computer ?

          • fuckall 6 years ago

            hahaha!!!!!!you belligerent progressive and aggressive individual!!!! always ready to verbally assault people who disagree with your thinking!!!! typical of labour/greens agenda!!!!

          • Roger Brown 6 years ago

            Learn to spell when you go to school, there is NO U in Labor, unless you are mixed up with the UK Labour Party ? More than 3 (!) in any rant makes you look unstable and probably mentally defective , seek help from your parents quickly .

          • Goran Krivokapic 6 years ago

            So good of you to pick a name that corresponds to your IQ. Good boy.

        • Miles Harding 6 years ago

          Troll baiting is such fun 🙂

    • Brenton 6 years ago

      Mr FA is off his medication at this point in time

  2. Peter Taylor 6 years ago

    Go to China Mr “F” and you will see climate change in action.

  3. Johnny Martin 6 years ago

    Mr F All,
    Thought you would be too busy doing the RET review to have time to send posts such as this.

    • Giles 6 years ago


  4. Pedro 6 years ago

    I would call the Abbott government ‘destructive’ rather than radical as they seem intent on wrecking any policy good or bad the previous government put in place with the same sort of passion as Mr F All.

    • metro70 6 years ago

      What on earth are you talking about, Pedro?
      The Abbott government is being prevented from getting rid of Labor’s economy-destroying policies by a rump of a party that lost miserably and is now led by a petulant aging schoolboy who is just a puppet—- with the corrupt Marxist union bosses controlling his every movement and utterance.
      Labor left the Abbott government a legacy of an economic train wreck with ieds planted to sabotage it for years to come.

      • Alen 6 years ago

        Train wreck, can you or anyone for that matter just for one second image what shape Australia would be in if Abbott was PM during the GFC? I fear to even imagine, just consider where his favourite economic strategy (cut, cut and more cuts) would have taken us to. The situation in Greece would have been a petty dispute in comparison, at least they had the EU to help them, who would we have had?

        • metro70 6 years ago


          Your wild imaginings have nothing whatsoever to do with reality or truth.

          There is absolutely nothing—zilch—in the record of Tony Abbott or the LNP that indicates anything other than that they would have been infinitely more competent in the face of the Socialist-caused GFC than the Labor bunglers.

          Tony Abbott was a senior minister in the government that took a shambles of a Labor economy in 1996—huge
          unemployment—high inflation —high interest rates—$96billion government debt and a string of budget deficits—— into a stellar economy with Labor’s debt paid off—almost full employment with wages risen >21% over the eleven years while wages had gone backwards under Labor—billions in the Future Fund—Australians’ wealth growing at a faster rate than that of any other population in the world , and the gap between rich and poor narrowed—everything
          on a trajectory towards unprecedented prosperity.

          The Coalition’s policy for the Socialist-caused GFC was bank guarantee and stimulus, but of more judicious proportions than Labor’s—no handouts to foreigners and dead people, and there would have been no wasting of billions and killing of workers as with the Labor botched implementation.

          Had Abbott been in power then, Australia would have a prosperous and stable economy now, with no need for the drastic cuts that are necessary to create conditions for
          employment growth.

          But instead we have the train wreck
          with ieds embedded, that Labor in its rancid hatred, has left for Australia.

          You apparently don’t have the wit to know that policies have to change to fit the circumstances—and in the circumstances left by Labor, cuts have to be made so you will
          have a job—if you want one, that is.

          • Alen 6 years ago

            Do you realise the Australian economy was one of the best of after the GDC? Our economic situation is overstated, just like the impact of carbon tax, RET target and the mining tax is.The RBA meeting recently stated that strong and definite action was needed during this period and it noted the government at that time delivered as needed to prevent recession here. Do you purposely neglect the mining boom during the time of the Howard gov? When nations like Norway found FF resources they did smart things with their wealth and look now, their pension wealth fund has billions upon billions, what do we have? Clive Palmer and Gina Reinhart, instead of fairly distributing the money (as the resources these individuals got rich from belong to all Australians) the government does all it can to make them richer under all the surplus we had before we were still one of the only nations with no pregnancy scheme and no adequate support for disabled people . Abbott is your mate as long as you got money, but if you’re poor or disadvantaged…well your stuffed

          • metro70 6 years ago


            The only reason the Australian economy was still better than most after the GFC was that it was in such a prosperous condition at the time when the GFC occurred—and that was
            due only to the Howard/Costello government.

            Had Labor been in during all or any of those eleven years , all the evidence is that Australia would have gone into the GFC with a massive government debt and the budget in deficit, because labor always squanders the taxpayers’ money, and
            produces debt and deficits.

            Comparisons with the rest of the world at that time are bogus because of the great legacy Labor had from the Howard government—while those other countries went into the crisis with mainly Socialist economies that were already in trouble
            to varying extents—with dodgy banks, huge trading in mortgage-based securities based on sub-prime mortgages and high unemployment.

            The Howard government had moved to strengthen Australian banks with judicious regulation, so that they were the most stable banks in the world.

            What makes you think a government can slap on an economy a $23 carbon tax that cascades through industry, nobbling Australian industry compared with its competitors, and
            removing Australia’s one competitive advantage in cheap
            electricity—without trashing the economy?

            Industry pretended it wasn’t a burden because they had huge fines hanging over their heads should they get the figuring wrong, but they’re admitting now what any sane person
            knew was the truth—that you can’t nobble our industry and expect it to be able to continue to compete—a ludicrous proposition.

            Some of the damage will never be repaired—as is always the way with Labor.

            Tell us please , Alen, how it’s just fine to have the toxic legacy of a huge budget deficit left by Labor, with billions in interest to be paid to the Chinese government on it each year– money that could have paid the yearly bill for the NDIS—and added to that, a massive and growing government debt that will take decades this time to pay off.

            Labor itself crowed before the election about the poison pills it had embedded in the economy for an Abbott government.

            The only reason it’s able to lie through its teeth about it now and try to blame it on the LNP, is that the MSM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GreenLabor ——except for a brave handful who tell the truth.

            Sure, there was a mining boom during some of the Howard years as well—but there was also the Asian Financial Crisis, Sars, European markets in a terrible slump due to
            their Socialist ways, and the $1billion given to Indonesia—and they rose above all that to achieve unprecedented prosperity.

            But the mining boom and income from it reached unprecedented heights under Labor—Swan and Gillard
            constantly bragging about it , with Gillard even making a fool of herself in South America bragging and lecturing to the world about how they all should be emulating silly old Swannie’s dodgy policies.

            Labor squandered the once in a century commodities boom and killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

            They spent like the proverbial dissolute and profligate heir—paid all their cronies exorbitant sums and treated Australia’s wealth as Socialists always do—theirs to squander and redistribute—their own personal trough for all the comrades to sup at , and a slush fund to buy votes for their election

            If you’re an Aussie who loves Australia, you couldn’t hack it in a fit in Norway, Alen.

            It’s not a country for individuals who have gotten used to freedom from overbearing government.

            In no way is Norway as good a country to live in as is Australia.

            I have no time at all for Clive
            Palmer, but in no way are those resources anyone’s but theirs once they buy the leases and spend their own money getting the stuff out of the ground.

            The resources only belong to all of us
            while they’re in the ground—and that’s where they would stay, if mining companies hadn’t spent massive amounts of money to get them out and transport them to ports.

            Any government that doesn’t do what it can to judiciously cut red and green tape as much as possible and to
            encourage miners to risk the enormous amounts of money needed to get a mine going and operating, is doing a disservice to every Australian, because Australia can’t do without the export income and jobs provided by that industry—no NDIS—no welfare—much less money for education , health etc —no newstart etc.

            Abbott’s ‘pregnancy scheme ‘ as you call it, by which I gather you mean the Paid Parental Leave Scheme, is an encouragement to women to enter the workforce in the knowledge that having a baby won’t set them back or lose them their jobs.

            And the reason it’s right to pay the full wage to well-paid women as well, is that they should not have their family circumstances that they’ve worked hard for, damaged by
            having to take a much-reduced family income during maternity leave—a reduced income that could mean not having enough for mortgages etc.

            There should be no disincentive to becoming more educated —and hard-won success should not be penalised .

            When it’s vital for an economy to have women enter the workforce, as it is for ours, then those women must not be penalised for doing so.

            Only an Abbott government will deliver the NDIS—Labor was never going to—just as it never delivered a surplus—or most of the GP Clinics.

            Labor just makes the announcements and accepts the plaudits.

            Tony Abbott is your mate , Alen.
            Don’t believe the GreenLabor/union propaganda.

            If GreenLabor and their MSM faction allow him to , he will overcome the boobytraps they put in his way
            and deliver prosperity to Australia again by letting individuals and business get on with creating jobs and new business.

          • Alen 6 years ago

            Don’t get me wrong I support the parental leave scheme and I honestly hope the NDIS is rolled out, and I was not implying Norway is a better country to live in. I truly hope Abbott is or turns out to be as decent as say but I am just not seeing it (yet?). His move against the RET and his stance on CC are a joke, his denial of science is not acceptable from a leader. So far all he’s done is move Australia in the opposite direction of the rest of the world and in turn is making quite the name for us. As far as the carbon tax, I feel as though it is and was the right start and the next step is to progress to an ETS as planned. Energy is cheap because it is not priced fairly, only when all factors and externalities are factored in will it be a correct price. Without a carbon tax polluters are free to pollute and damage as much as they please without paying their rightful share. The argument that not all countries cost their externalities is childish and I learned early as a kid that just because someone else does something wrong it is ok for you to do it too.

      • Pedro 6 years ago

        To me it appears the Abbott government is the puppet of the Murdoch press and multinational mining companies. It also seems that the Abbott government develop policy from Tea Party think tanks.

        • metro70 6 years ago


          What is your evidence—-rationale
          —for claiming that ‘the Abbott government is the puppet of the
          Murdoch press’ ?

          Is it just that you can’t stand the fact that the Leftist press has one —just one—competitor—that we don’t have wall-to-wall GreenLabor/Left media?

          Fairfax newspapers are rabidly Leftist and anti-Abbott—the ABC is Labor’s ABC even though we who abhor GreenLabor are forced to pay for it—-likewise SBS and both[ but
          especially the ABC ] operate as a permanent 24/7 year in year out free election campaign organisation for the ALP—paid by us!!

          The ABC is a closed shop with no non-Left on-air ‘journalists’—even though conservatives are forced
          to pay for their Labor-serving propaganda—just as surely as if we were in Putin’s Russia.

          The Guardian is rabidly Left wing as is Morry Schwartz’s new paper.

          The Australian has supported Labor at election time as often as it’s supported the Coalition—and the News Ltd journalists supported Labor and Rudd to a disgraceful extent in 2007, when they ran a campaign of smear and character
          assassination day after day against conservatives who wanted Australians to know that the Goss QLD Labor government with Kevin Rudd virtually running it, illegally destroyed evidence to protect alleged paedophiles allegedly preying on Aboriginal children at John Oxley Youth Centre.

          That’s a matter of fact that stands unaddressed still today, except for hush money paid to one of the Aboriginal victims by the Bligh Labor government to prevent her case from going to court —even though Bligh had promised her that it would, in order to shut her and the conservatives up during the election campaign.

          So it’s ridiculous and just part of the meme drummed into your head by Labor’s MSM and by the attempts of Julia Gillard to prevent not only that particular Labor scandal from coming to light, but to prevent her own associations that are under
          police investigation right now from being publicised.

          That’s why Labor has brainwashed you into hating the Murdoch press —because the Murdoch press was the
          only organisation in the country prepared to tell the truth about Labor corruption—and about the lies and propaganda we’re being subjected to on climate change.

          And ‘Tea Party—Tea Party think tanks’ —what a load of rubbish—-just another propaganda slogan drummed
          into gullible heads.

          The only thing the Tea party has in common with the Libs is that it’s a law-abiding, family-loving, country-loving
          hard-working group of mainly mums and dads and their kids who believe in small government and not in Socialism, and don’t want their country sold out to global Socialist governance interests, with it’s sovereignty handed over to the murderous and dysfunctional despots of the UN.

          The Tea Party also want their country to have control of its own borders instead of handing over that responsibility to foreign drug lords and drug cartels—just as
          conservatives and the Abbott government want to control Australia’s borders instead of allowing open slather to criminal Indonesian people-traffickers to make millions out of forcing their way into Australia and dumping on us people who have deliberately destroyed their documents so that we can never know whether they mean us harm or not.

          The Tea Party members want to have an orderly and legal process of immigration and secure borders and security
          within—-as conservatives do.

          • Pedro 6 years ago

            I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I do not see any point continuing a dialogue with you. Most of the garbage you write has the touch of conspiracy theory about it. I just cant take anybody seriously who has such a distorted world view.

            Are you being employed by the Tea Party, because it sure comes across that way. If not I feel sorry for you that you hold such nasty beliefs and opinions.

  5. Alen 6 years ago

    Abbott is making quite the name for Australia. Its been half year and he’s managed to turn Australia into the global leader on moving backwards in human rights and CC action.

    • metro70 6 years ago

      Garbage, Alen.
      Australia is the most people-friendly country on the face of the earth, and will only stay that way when it has leaders who are not willing to cede our sovereignty and decision-making to international busybodies peddling bogus human rights agendas framed at the dysfunctional despot-ridden UN.
      Tony Abbott is such a leader, and Labor has never had one in recent memory—their first thought always to kow tow to global Socialists—and in the past with a determination to align themselves with the murderous dictators of the former Soviet Union at the height of its atrocities and gulag culture.
      Australia has nothing to apologise for –except for the corrupt and groveling nature of the Labor party.

      • Alen 6 years ago

        Now it’s the human rights that’s bogus. If you referring to the “successful” boats policy then you really are blind. The people coming by boat spend their life savings to pay these smugglers, when Abbott sends them back in flimsy boats his virtually signing their death certificate. These refugees aren’t Indonesian and with no more money how do you suppose they are to return home? Begging on street for some years until they save enough money or prostitution.

        Stop and take a hard stance on the smugglers who are the real villains, not the desperate refugees.

  6. Ketan Joshi 6 years ago

    I’d like to take a moment to thank Mr F for taking time out of his busy schedule to represent critics of progressive renewable energy schemes.

    Anonymous, insane, and obsessed with communicating discontent with climate policies through some unhealthy sexual fixation.

  7. metro70 6 years ago

    Ross Garnaut is a Labor party insider in Australia, and is miffed because his strategy is now thankfully in the dustbin.
    Are you sure Lord Deben doesn’t have a personal vested interest in carbon pricing, emission trading schemes etc, since the UK government is prone to appointing people to sham inquiries on climate matters—-to decide on matters in which those so appointed people have personal vested interests in the outcome being the best possible for the warmist agenda and thereby for their own investments and personal wealth.
    Much of the world doesn’t trust the UK government or any of its appointments , considering the contempt it showed for truth, democracy and the people of the world with the corruption of its sham Climategate ‘ inquiries’.
    The UK doesn’t have a leg to stand on re this issue—has lost all credibility— and should keep its nose out of Australia’s business.
    We finally have an honest government prepared to put Australia’s interests before the bogus climate hysteria industry—and a PM who’s a cut above David Cameron in every way—and infinitely superior to the UK’s pathetic Labour Party.
    Tony Abbott will get the mitigation done without crippling Australia’s economy—and that’s what gets up Garnaut’s nose—and that of the interfering Lord Deben apparently.

    The hide of Gummer or Deben or whatever his name is to call Australia’s policy decisions dubious considering some of the nuclear misadventures the UK has had in the past.
    In any case we’re not into taking advice from international busybodies with global agendas —whether they’re conservative or socialist.

    • Alen 6 years ago

      Honest government? You must really be smoking something seriously strong to come out with such statements. Also I’d like to point out that it is not just the UK taking climate action, but the entire developed world. Abbott’s scheme is a sham and nothing more and that is widely proven, just ask any of the banks who are ultimately supposed to fund these projects, they have on numerous accounts said they would not go anywhere near it.

      • metro70 6 years ago


        Ignoring your snort about the honesty
        of the government, implying dishonesty, which is simply gormless from a supporter of the corrupt and criminal Left, that feigns compassion for ‘workers’ while stealing from them and treating them with contempt at every turn…

        Which country has an economy-wide
        carbon tax of 23% and rising— and to compound the perfidy, has no
        hydro or nuclear power to kick in when there’s no fossil fuel power
        and the ‘renewables’ can’t cut it??

        There isn’t one.

        Every country with a semblance of a carbon tax has alternatives to fossil-fuel-fired electricity—like nuclear and/or hydro.

        Your corrupt GreenLabor lies to the Australian people continuously on this as does its MSM faction.

        Which banks and which officials did you ask about their attitudes to Abbott’s scheme?

        It’s you who’s peddling a sham—just as the UK government set up sham Climategate inquiries to their eternal discredit.

        And this from the BBC…showing how the UK does it…

        [ ‘ Swamp forests in the US are being felled to help keep the lights on in the UK.’

        ‘Many millions of tonnes of wood pellets will soon be shipped
        annually to help keep the lights on in the UK. Other EU nations may
        follow. ‘

        ‘Critics say subsidising wood burning wastes money, does nothing
        to tackle climate change in the short term, and is wrecking some of
        the finest forests in the US.’ ]

        and this….

        [ ‘Cambridge Econometrics reports that the UK has missed it 2010
        emissions reduction target, despite the dramatic effects of the
        economic downturn. The report sees the UK continuing to miss its
        near-term targets, with the difference between target and performance increasing over time. Environmental groups continue to confuse the effects of a shrinking economic downturn with progress on reducing emissions. Looking ahead, the UK economy is currently
        positioned to have economic growth or a continued reduction in
        emissions, but not both. Emissions in 2010 increased sharply.’ ]

        And from the UK government…

        [ ‘Nuclear generation appears likely to be the most cost-effective
        form of low-carbon power generation in the 2020s ‘ ]

        And this is how the UK resources its ‘renewables’ industry…

        [ ‘ The reality is that, as Britain flaunts its environmental credentials by speckling its coastlines and unspoiled moors and mountains with thousands of wind turbines, it is contributing to a vast man-made lake of poison in northern China.
        This is the deadly and sinister side of the massively profitable
        rare-earths industry that the ‘green’ companies profiting from
        the demand for wind turbines would prefer you knew nothing about.’ ]

        The above are the real shams and scams.

        The Abbott government mitigation will do no harm to anything or anyone —but will do good things—- while we wait for the gullible lemmings of the world to emerge from their zombie-like brainwashed hypnotic cult, and rejoin the real world to face the reality that’s there for everyone to see—that there is no link between the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere and the warmists’ claims of CAGW.

        • Alen 6 years ago

          Corrupt, if that is not the pot calling the kettle black than I don’t know what is. There is absolutely no reason why Australia has such low renewable energy, the potential here is so vast from every single known renewable source it’s ridiculous that we have neglected to invest in it. If australia is not ideally suited for distributed networks rather than centralised network that huge losses associated with, than again I don’t know what place is.The carbon tax is supposed to send a market signal and message that emitters are no longer to get of scot-free for their harmful pollutions. The externalities have been evaluated and should/need to be included, i.e. Pay the real cost of your product and don’t leave others to clean/cope with your mess. AGW is real and supported by so many experts it’s ridiculous that we are still bothering to argue the point. We have always trusted, believed and depended on science in the progress of civilisation, so what logical reason would you have to deny the overwhelming global scientific consensus? It’s not Leftist propoganda like you like to say, even the Tea Party see the economic benefit it would bring in adopting mitigatation strategies such as expanding renewables. Keeping the poletics out please convince me I am wrong in AGW

          • Alen 6 years ago

            Apologies on the spelling/grammar but I was responding via phone and was rushed on the train

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