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Abbott gives $4m to help climate contrarian set up in Australia

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Abbott gives $4m to fund climate contrarian and anti-solar advocate Bjorn Lomborg in a move that could presage new push for nuclear in Australia.

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Just 18 months after closing down the Climate Commission, and cutting funds to the Climate Change Authority, the Abbott government has given $4 million to fund the establishment of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, a thinktank established by Bjorn Lomborg, a notorious climate contrarian.

Lomborg has become well known for his views that downplay the urgency to act on climate science, stop funding for renewables, and increase fossil fuel sales in the third world.

In effect, it is shorthand for the Abbott government’s climate and energy policy. And as RenewEconomy has reported before, Lomborg has been a favourite source of citations and consolation for Abbott government ministers.

robb lomborgHe was recently brought in by foreign minister Julie Bishop to advise on foreign aid, trade minister Andrew Robb hailed him before his trip to the Lima climate change conference, Abbott cited and praised him in his book Battlelines, and environment minister Greg Hunt even credited Lomborg with inspiring the design of the government’s Direct Action program.

Reports in the US last year showed that Lomborg was part of the funding network of the Koch Brothers, the fossil fuel billionaires who are funding major campaigns against climate and clean energy policies in the US.

Earlier this year, DeSmogBlog reported that a billionaire “vulture capitalist” and major backer of the US Republican Party had emerged as a major funder of Lomborg, who in 2012 lost his funding from the Danish government. Lomborg has denied being funded by fossil fuel interests.

The Guardian reported on Friday that the Abbott government has promised $4 million over four years to help Lomborg establish his “consensus centre” at the University of WA, despite the government’s cutbacks to tertiary funding, and to climate change research.

The Guardian said the centre would have three or four staff and be operational by June or July. It comes a month after UWA confirmed it had closed its world-renowned Centre for Water Research set up by top scientist Jorg Imberger in 1982.

The funding was confirmed by a spokesman for education minister Christopher Pyne. It comes in a month where the Abbott government has refused to acknowledge the global 2°C climate target in either its discussion paper on emission reduction targets, or its energy white paper.

It is also refusing a compromise deal on the renewable energy target, ensuring that investment stays at a standstill, is considering opening marine parks to oil drilling, and has launched an inquiry into whether environmental NGOs that are activist against fossil fuels should be denied tax deduction status.

This suits the Lomborg ideology. Last December, Lomborg told the ABC that Australia should stop installing solar panels, and invest in R&D until solar is cheaper. We dissected that comment then.

Lomborg has also promoted the controversial idea of geo-engineering to address climate change. In one instance, Lomborg envisioned a fleet of 1900 robotic ships that would patrol the ocean while releasing spouts of ocean water to reflect the sun’s rays in an attempt to reduce global warming.

Indeed, the appointment of Lomborg is likely to see a renewed push for nuclear power in Australia. Lomborg is a vocal supporter of nuclear power, along with the Abbott government’s other favoured thinktank, the Institute of Public Affairs, which hailed Lomborg’s arrival in Australia.

Lomborg has quoted the US pro-nuclear thinktank the Breakthrough Institute, which has attempted to claim that solar is “five times” more expensive than nuclear – apparently on the basis that solar needs back-up, but nuclear doesn’t.

Anyone familiar with energy markets knows this claim to be nonsense. The UK national grid puts the back-up cost of the proposed new nuclear plant in the UK at more than $12 billion.

But Lomborg will have powerful and influential friends on this front. The Abbott government is predisposed to nuclear – because of its “baseload” qualities and its dislike of renewable energy. Pro nuclear advocates want to slow down the deployment of renewable energy,  a move that effectively protects the incumbent technologies such as coal and gas from growing competition.

The Australian reports today that the Breakthrough Institute has teamed up with some pro-nuclear advocates in Australia to form what they describe as “practical” environmentalism.

Like Lomborg, they argue – according to The Australian – that climate change and other global ecological challenges are “not the most important immediate concerns for the majority of the world’s people”.

The Australian said they call themselves “eco-pragmatists” and “eco-modernists”. The members, including Barry Brook, from the University of Tasmania, argue that the solution is nuclear energy – fusion and fission – and something called “next generation” solar.

The US thinktank Think Progress did a revealing dissection of the Breakthrough Institute a few years ago, highlighting its attempts to thwart Barack Obama’s climate and clean energy policies.

Meanwhile Professor Tim Flannery of the Climate Council, which now runs entirely on donations following the Abbott government’s decision to abolish all funding citing the $1.5m annual cost as excessive – is furious with the decision to give funding to someone with “no credibility in the scientific community”.

“It seems extraordinary that the Climate Commission, which was composed of Australia’s best climate scientists, economists and energy experts, was abolished on the basis of a lack of funding and yet here we are three years later and the money has become available to import a politically-motivated think tank to work in the same space,” he said.

“This is another reason why the work of the Climate Council is so important- to counter this continuing ideological attempt at deceiving the Australian public.”

“His (Lomborg’s) message hasn’t varied at all in the last decade to reflect the declining cost of renewable energy and the success in reducing emissions, he still believes we shouldn’t take any steps to mitigate climate change,” he said.

“When someone is unwilling to adapt their view on the basis of new science or information, it’s usually a sign those views are politically motivated.

“If we follow Mr Lomborg’s view of not doing anything about climate mitigation, we’d be heading for a 4 degree world and Australians do not want to live in that world. “

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  1. sunoba 5 years ago

    Well said Giles. I’m a proud graduate of UWA (PhD 1973), but I’m absolutely horrified by this announcement. To think the government can close the Climate Commission but find funds for Lomborg. How stupid can you get? I’m speechless with outrage!

    • Chris Fraser 5 years ago

      Hey let’s send him back to Copenhagen. We’ll try to swap him for Princess Mary and the kids …

  2. Rob G 5 years ago

    Every day that goes by sees another page from the Abbott book of “Let’s ruin the environment and get rich on coal exports”. The appointment of this fossil fuel puppet, Lomburg; really jars with the sacking of our world leading scientist Tim Flannery. Yesterday we had Abbott ‘reviewing’ marine parks to allow for oil exploration. We also had the environmental donations tax deductions being brought into eligibility question. And for some more notorious examples we had the green light given to Gallie Basin/ Abbots point coal project, the dubious warburton review and the carbon tax repeal. It’s a long list and I don’t have all day to write them all down.

    • suthnsun 5 years ago

      ..and we are more likely to go broke on ff exports for the foreseeable future..

  3. lin 5 years ago

    Plenty of money for pushing religion into schools, climate change denial, locking up refugees, fighting pointless foreign wars and tax breaks for mates. Not so much for science, education, anything environmentally sustainable or helpful for the poor and dispossessed.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      ➤➤►➤➤I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak3:


    • bongorocks 5 years ago

      If religion was pushed in schools it would be a good move towards cutting down on violence against women, and many other kind of violence as well.
      Beside scientists have said many times, that without climate change evolution would never have worked ,and now they are saying that climate change is dangerous.
      You can’t have it both ways.Those of you who believe in evolution then you must also believe that climate change is evolution in progress.
      You people are so confused. Get of the bloody ice and whatever other drugs you’re on.

      • lin 5 years ago

        Just wow. Rude and Ignorant.
        I presume from your somewhat bizarre understanding of evolution that you are a “bible is the literal word of god” Christian. Christianity has a proud history of violence against “unbelievers” (crusades), those of different faiths (massacring the Huguenots for example), and women (witch burning/drowning/stoning). More recently, a number of faiths have been covering up for their priests and ministers who rape and murder children. If it is of any comfort to you, most other religions have their dark secrets and skeletons in the closet too. So I don’t trust any of the religions to brainwash our children. They should be taught to think ethically for themselves, not follow some messianic type who will turn out to be a nut more often than not.
        Anyhow, nobody is saying that climate change will kill the world, just that it might become a not very nice place for us and most of the species who evolved to enjoy life as it is now. Evolution takes time. We are seeing massive changes in the climate inside a human lifetime. Fish species where I live have moved 1000km further south because the water has warmed so much. Unfortunately, trees and animals have difficulty adapting so fast. I doubt that you believe in evolution though, so think about this. If the Christian God returns to earth, it will be to “destroy those who destroy the earth” Rev 11:18. So one way or the other, those fossil fuel pushing, polluting industry owning types and their supporters should not feel to comfortable with the changes they are forcing.

        • bongorocks 5 years ago

          Well ……I search for the truth wherever I think the truth may be found , it’s not an easy task. If I think that the truth is in science I study the science, and If I think the truth is in the bible then I search for it in the bible .Nobody will ever learn the truth if they have a closed mind.
          I’ve studied evolution, and also the bible ,and the bible wins hands down and nature itself is a witness for the bible . Also I’ve discovered that all-though that the bible is used as a religious book that it has nothing to do with any religion whatsoever. Actually the bible is a book about aliens real aliens . God is an alien, Jesus is an alien, Angels ,demons ,Satan they are all aliens and none of them use UFO’s. And we don’t find them, they find us, and they know exactly were we are ,we don’t have to send them details in space rockets for them to try and find us like NASA have done,because they already know were we are .
          The bible doesn’t mention evolution at all it talks about creation. Creation was created by supernatural science described in religious terms as miracles. No human science can ever match the supernatural science that only God posses .
          The word God is not a name it is only a title, like king .or queen. The title God has noting to do with any religion.
          On the other hand evolution doesn’t have any science it doesn’t even have a brain to think with,evolution is based on magic tricks . And we all know that magic tricks are not facts they are just illusions. Illusions are not miracles they are just tricks and all tricks amounts to nothing.
          Physical aliens don’t exist except in many human imaginations, and also in Hollywood.
          I don’t connect the bible with any religion whatsoever .Personally I never go to any church, or follow any religion.
          I even find it very difficult to understand why when people die they take their bodies to church for a funeral. We see that on TV especially when someone important like Malcolm Frazer dies for instance.
          When the alien Jesus came down to earth he came down from out of space to do battle with the other alien Satan,and not to do battle with humans that Satan used to crucify him.
          Jesus defeated Satan by the resurrection in doing so Satan greatest weapon “Death” was defeated . Death was Satan greatest weapon and it was defeated by supernatural science. Can human science defeat death?
          After Jesus defeated Satan, he went back to his original planet without using a UFO.
          Jesus also preformed many miracles by using his divine supernatural science .
          So your opinion is that believing in intelligent design is being rude and ignorant, and ,believing in tricks and illusions is smart.?
          And by the way Lin. Jesus wasn’t crucified because he preached religion, he was crucified because he preached politics.
          All religions no matter whether they be christian ,Islamic, or pagan, all of them have a history of violence , even to this very day. All religions are false, and they all belong to the alien Satan. Evolution itself was inspired by Satan.
          I hope but I doubt it ,if you now understand what real aliens are.


          • Pedro 5 years ago

            Evolution inspired by alien satanic demigods.

            You are a crank and have a very loose grip on reality. Perhaps delusional mental patients will take you seriously.

          • bongorocks 5 years ago

            O’K wise guy, what came first ,the Adults or the babies. ? The seeds or the trees?
            Where did the ocean come from, and how?
            If everything was as simple as evolution believers claim it is, believing that a brainless god like evolution create had created all things , then how come smart people like yourself cannot duplicate life from nothing.? If a brainless god can do it then you shouldn’t have any problems. also if Medical science cannot even repair a brain that got damaged by violence, or by an accident. Then how did evolution created the brain .? Excluding yours of course it sounds like you are still waiting for your brain to evolve.

          • Giles 5 years ago

            OK. Plenty of air time has been given. I think i’ve had enough. Thanks for your contribution.

          • Pedro 5 years ago

            I thank the fairies and other imaginary beings for not be as evolved as you

          • bongorocks 5 years ago

            Mental patients don’t exist ,Mental illness is demonic possession. When Jesus walked on earth, he publicly preformed many miracles. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the cripple walk, he even raised the dead. But when it came to mental illness he ordered the demons to leave the people that were suffering from what today they call mental illness.
            You idiot.

          • Chris Fraser 5 years ago

            Yes, a big Red Light for Ramblingbrain …

  4. Chris Fraser 5 years ago

    It really shows that Pyne had nothing of good news to announce. He leaves it to a spokesperson, who probably prefers not to be named. Well Lomborg and Pyne have a view which we can anticipate although usually not agree with, but they’ve all managed to tarnish the name of UWA in a day. Can’t imagine the incoming conscious students putting them at the top of their UCAC form now.

  5. Peter 5 years ago

    When I read the headline I was hoping it was a cruel joke! I shouldn’t be surprised however at the current government’s policy of anti climate change policy – ‘What problem?’ I hear the government say (actually they don’t say it but just enact it). ‘There’s no problem so we don’t have to do anything except keep on investing in old dirty industries.’
    Surely even Lomborg doesn’t buy into his nonsense proposal that Australia should only invest in solar panels when they become cheaper. How does he propose a competitive and deep market will develop without investment?
    Meanwhile that’s indeed what has happened – solar panels have come down significantly in price in the last five years. Investments are already paying off and will only continue to see a decrease in the price of solar panels.

    • wideEyedPupil 5 years ago

      they publish the adjunct professorship on 2 April. I bet they got word on 1 April but could publish lest everybody take it for an April fools joke.

  6. Chris Dalitz 5 years ago

    Lomborg is also a contarian on EV’s which is a further concern…..

  7. howardpatr 5 years ago

    Just what we have come to expect from Abbott – not nick named the “Mad Monk” without good reason.

    As a UWA graduate I am disgusted.

    • john 5 years ago

      Well said

  8. hippygreenieleftie 5 years ago

    Our deeply disturbed PM is unfit for his job. He has locked the cockpit and is piloting our beloved country and fragile planet at full speed into side of the mountain.

    • Penny Osterhaus 5 years ago

      Agree.Recent description of fas victims was frighteningly close to a description of abbot.Tendency to lie,obdurate irrationalism,confrontational…

  9. John McKeon 5 years ago

    Lomborg is a notorious political twit. I’m aghast.

    I have read elsewhere that the government of the Netherlands is being taken to court for relative inaction against global warming. I wonder whether we have provision in law for a similar action in Australia.

    • Joachim Roxin 5 years ago

      That is a very good idea, and I think it will happen eventually, the Liberal Party should be held accountable for their deliberate actions to swim against the tide which will obviously have huge negative effects on all of us in the long term.

      • wideEyedPupil 5 years ago

        yeah it’s another nail in the LNC denialist’s coffin when the history of losing the great climate wars are written from within climate controlled bunkers.

    • bongorocks 5 years ago

      Lombart is a notorious twit you claim.So what do you say that the False prophets of global warming such as prophet Al Gore, and prophet Tim Flannery are ? Twits don’t come greater than they do and many others like them.

      • John McKeon 5 years ago

        Al Gore and Tim Flannery are responsible and intelligent people.

        • bongorocks 5 years ago

          That’s why Al Gore is a billionaire and owns at least three huge mansions, and Tim Flannery bought himself a water front dwelling even that he keep saying that the water levels were rising due to climate change, because they are intelligent people . Intelligent people are the best con artists on the planet , They are also the ones who start new religions and make billions of tax free dollars from the naive people who get sucked in by them. they know how to manipulate and brainwash the millions of other people who are naive and who believe everything that they are told .
          Intelligent people like to control the minds of the less intelligent,so the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.
          Both of Al Gore and Tim Flannery prophecies have all failed.
          And as far as the Vic people are concerned we have a desalination plant, and also a one point three billion dollars water pipe, to prove it. which have cost the Victorian water rates payers many billions of dollars, and neither have been used, The desalination plant is costing the Vic water rates payers on going three million dollars a week every week just to keep it on stand by.
          Tim Flannery advised the then John Brumby labor state government not to build a water storage dam ,but to build a desalination plant instead , because we are never going to get any more rainfalls big enough to fill the water storage dams we already have because of global warming . So stupid John Brumby took the advise of Tim Flannery and built the white elephants
          So the desalination plant and the water pipe were built instead of a dam .But oops Then the rains did come after all as another Tim Flannery prophecy hit the dust. as all of the storage dams did get filed up , and the rest of the water that would have filled dozens of new dams if they were built freely flowed into the sea. And the Vic water rates bills more than tripled just to pay for the white elephant. And the one point three billion dollars water pipe which neither have ever been used.

          • John McKeon 5 years ago

            Dear reader, he must be stoned and bonkers. He believes everything he reads on selected web sites inspired and even paid for by the desperate fossil fuel empires.

          • wideEyedPupil 5 years ago

            could be paid by the comment too

          • john 5 years ago

            you I am afraid have been reading Murdock and watching FOX in the real world people with a few cells left actually have read the information and realise that we are not going to be trouble now but your grandchildren is and NO it is not the sun boyoo

          • wideEyedPupil 5 years ago

            children also. things will move very fast when the capacity of the oceans to absorb warming peaks. that looks like it’s happening now. yes sea level rising will be slow but the tipping points are already being reached. this next El Niño phase will be pretty telling if we enter into another set of what were once in one hundred year droughts and grassland/bush fires. corals on GBR pretty much terminal trending now.

          • bongorocks 5 years ago

            I can’t understand what all the paranoia about Rupert Murdoch is all about .People like you must think that if other people have a different opinion to yours ,it’s only because we believe Rupert Murdoch. Do any of you green twits ever stop to think that every individual have the right to their own opinion and without any outside influence ?, and just because their opinion doesn’t agree with yours that doesn’t mean it’s Rupert Murdoch opinion.
            What about your own brainless opinions who gives them to you. The ABC, Al Gore ,Tim Flannery , ?

          • john 5 years ago

            The reinforcement of fear I am afraid is an aspect of the news empire particularly aimed at the few who are easily mislead.
            The paid for television aspect is of note for not actually having content but continual brain washing comment that is very successful in keeping people glued to the channel reinforcing preconceived perceptions of the world.
            It is a very successful money earner as the viewer is kept in a continual state of believing that anything that this channel sells must be good for the viewer.
            On the subject of this so called new department to be established at UWA it is deplorable and viewed with amazement that any institution would establish such a setup with a know ” non-scientific” head and let alone to actually make out it has any connection with the future sustainability of the planet.
            It is the story of if you are sick go see a medical professional not a future teller of fables.
            In this case we have a fable teller that will contribute nothing of any value what so ever.

        • bongorocks 5 years ago

          What more Zombie science. ?

    • bongorocks 5 years ago

      The government of the Netherlands is smart enough to know that Holland is sinking, and not being overtaken by sea levels rising due to climate change . The government of the Netherland have been doing their bit for a long time to try and save Holland from the North sea, they’ve been building dykes for many decades, instead of whining and whinging like you lot are always doing.
      Whoever is trying to take the Netherland government to court because of it’s inaction on global warming, they haven’t got a leg to stand on.
      Tony Abbott don’t need to be taken to court, because Australia is not sinking like Holland is doing just yet.

      • John McKeon 5 years ago

        You said “Whoever is trying to take the Netherland government to court because of it’s inaction on global warming, they haven’t got a leg to stand on.”

        It’s being taken to court by its own citizens. They want to keep their land legs. ( :

        • bongorocks 5 years ago

          Every country these days have it’s green activists. And in most cases you will find, that they are all ice addicts,and the Netherlands also has it’s share of those kind of idiots.

  10. Steve Fuller 5 years ago

    The aviation industry has successfully developed aeroplanes that have the highest standards of safety incorporated into design, maintenance, management, review and development giving us a means of transport that while polluting is incredibly safe.

    This industry uses the best science and technology, the best engineering, the best metallurgy, the best systems design, the best computing, the best analysis of human behaviour, the best mathematics etc etc.

    Aeroplanes contain failsafe systems with back up of back up of back up to make them as safe as possible. Pilots, maintenance engineers and support personnel must attain rigourous standards of competency.

    While crashes do still occur each event is the trigger for exhaustive scientific processes to prevent recurrence.

    Sadly, the current pilots of Starship Earth willfully ignore the science and we the passengers are imperilled. There is no lock on the door to the flightdeck of Starship Earth. It is waiting to be hijacked by people of good sense and goodwill.

    • Alastair Leith 5 years ago

      It’s a consciousness problem. People won’t get on planes if we all know someone who knows someone who died in a plane crash. And without high safety they’d be paying their staff a heck of a lot more in wages.

      The almost indescribable harm that catastrophic climate change will wreak is always 10 or 20 or 200 years after the emissions than pushed it that far. People just can’t see the damage in front of them yet.

      405ppm CO2-e is Micheal Manns redline for 2ºC of global warming since pre-industrial times (once the coal burning sulphates disappear from the atmosphere the cooling they are responsible for also stops). Already at ~400ppm we cross that 405ppm red line in 2018.

      Assuming sulphates stay in the atmosphere and coal burning continues we cross 2ºC in 2036, but the sulphate aerosols cannot stay (hence the 2018 prediction) unless mankind geo-engineers them, and that has many risks, and doesn’t solve ocean acidification at all.

      • zlop 5 years ago

        “405ppm CO2-e is Micheal Manns redline for 2ºC”
        Greenhouse gases Cool — IPCC fools with the
        Arrhenius bottom warming assertion.

  11. Petra Liverani 5 years ago

    Why on earth isn’t the fossil fuel industry funding the Consensus Centre (whatever consensus means in that context). If it’s still around in 2020 I’ll eat my hat.

    • Alastair Leith 5 years ago

      UWA just told us where their sympathies and purse string lie.

  12. Julian Crawford 5 years ago

    I love these twists and turns of the Abbott Government – whatever incredible zany prioritization and counter-intuitive idea will Cabinet endorse next!

  13. greenjenny 5 years ago

    One more UWA graduate horrified at this development. How could they!?

    • john 5 years ago

      I support your total quandary.

  14. Alastair Leith 5 years ago

    Lomborg is the climate contrarian par excellence. Saying he accepts what climate science is telling us is happening but not what it prognosticates is like saying we know teenage sex happens, we accept that it’s real, but there is no reason to assume teenage pregnancy happens as a result of that.

    Anyhow don’t get angry get active on Climate. Anyone who wants to give a warming welcome to Lomborg when he gets to UWA get in touch with me @usefulddesign on Twitter.

    • Max Boronovskis 5 years ago

      How about without twitter? I don’t use it.

      • wideEyedPupil 5 years ago [at]

  15. Coley 5 years ago

    Abbot it would seem,is not only keen on FF extraction. It looks, when it comes to the RE lobby, that he is heavily involved in urine extraction!

  16. Miles Harding 5 years ago

    UWA can join the long list of organisations that have prostituted themselves for the mighty dollar.

    Well done UWA; you are losing your social license!

    • John McKeon 5 years ago

      Indeed, intellectual prostitution is a nasty condition.

  17. Shogan 5 years ago

    I guess a knighthood will be next for Lomborg too.

    • Max Boronovskis 5 years ago

      Very funny!!!

  18. Neville Bott 5 years ago

    “If we follow Mr Lomborg’s view of not doing anything about climate mitigation, we’d be heading for a 4 degree world and Australians do not want to live in that world. “

    The point is that many of us won’t survive in a 4 degree world

  19. zlop 5 years ago

    “Lomborg was part of the funding network of the Koch Brothers”
    Koch Brothers are no match for the Rothschild, Gore and Blood,
    Carbon Tax Extortion Racketeers.

    • John McKeon 5 years ago

      zlop is a fossil fool TROLL.

    • John McKeon 5 years ago

      ‘Tax Extortion’=diesel fuel rebate for mining companies AND our tax revenues spent on infrastructure to support the mining companies but no help for high tech end of Oz economy AND tax revenue forgone in immoral tax avoidance rackets set up by the mining companies.

      • zlop 5 years ago

        “immoral tax avoidance rackets”
        Resistance to Evil World Order Tyranny, is obedience to God (Truth)

        • John McKeon 5 years ago

          Perhaps we should take a look at the Evil World Order Tyranny perpetrated by giant, unelected fossil fuel corporations – you know, those who create legislation for our national governments to enact for their benefit.

        • john 5 years ago

          R E W O T B
          Reach Each Women Otherwise Terrible Bashing.
          I guess that makes as much sense as your pathetic rubbish.
          And I think that is the type of person would say such junk.
          It seems to go together those who are the bashers of women are the ones who have this thick neck attitude.

  20. Albert Sjoberg. 5 years ago

    Not much more to be said. How much damage can a government do in a single term?

  21. Tim Buckley 5 years ago

    Toxic Tony strikes again.
    How much longer will the Liberal party allow the continued degradation of our proud country’s standing in the global community by these desperate attempts to look after private fossil fool interests. Lets move forward. Step 1 – call a ballot and elect a leader with a vision. Get rid of the puppet.

    • wideEyedPupil 5 years ago

      pretty clear this has been cooking for quite some time. a string of announcements over the last couple of months including Julie Bishop. suspect there’s been quite a bit of work put into this and the $4m funding was required when UWA admitted they were not funding it. if they admitted Gina et al were picking up the tab they’d rightly be accused of corrupting the dialogue around science by taking money from interested parties vested in ff. so this.

  22. Paul Johnny Lynn 5 years ago

    Just vote these lackeys of the corporate world OUT when you get the chance Australia


  23. bongorocks 5 years ago

    Climate change has always been a one sided debate. It will be a great win for democracy if the one sided debate was met face to face with an opposite challenge.
    When we hear of top climate change scientists defecting over to the skeptics camp after 25 years ,like Lennart Bengtsson did in the middle of last year, the climate change one sided debate begins to look extremely dodgy, which in fact it is and always was .
    Lennart Begtsson was brave enough to face the hard questions by the media, that many other climate scientists fear to face if they tell the truth about global warming . Do you mean to say that you were wrong for all those years. ?

    • john 5 years ago

      You do of course realise you are talking bollocks.

  24. john 5 years ago

    So an Educational Centre is going to be the recipitent of some $4 million for this man.

    I seem to remember a court case about a book that he wrote that when it went to court found, as the said person is not a scientist, he is not guilty of portraying his finding as scientific so it was ruled as fiction.
    This person is going to be setting up once again an idiot study centre for peats sake help me from this way or going.
    So any loose cannon can if sufficiently funded can set up any type of total rubbish study centre to put out pure puerile drivel.
    I deplore the University obviously they are totally depleted of funds and are now scraping the bottom of the barrel for any type of charlatan to fill their no value coffers with loot.

  25. john 5 years ago

    How about looking at this about the said person.

  26. Max Boronovskis 5 years ago

    Maybe there is a silver lining in this somewhere. What’s that old saying… keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    Hey bongorocks (is that your real name?), don’t worry I think trolls are cute.

  27. Peter 5 years ago

    I am also concerned with the proposed 100% privatisation of TRANSGRID pl to be sold as a trade sale by Mr Baird NSW Premier, the national grid for the Nsw , Act ,Vic areas their revenue is to be lost for the next 99years. That coal companies can take control of the national grid network and decide they don’t want to connect the any solar power station in favour to a coal mine? surely not I hope.

  28. martin 5 years ago

    Flannery and his ship of fools receive their funding entirely from donations?

    I’m sure they do, but I bet the majority is from the fraudsters tilting at windmills.

    You lot really are comical. The end is nigh.

  29. Judith Biondo 5 years ago

    Instead of 1900 robotic ships spouting ocean water, we should just ask the whales to assist in this brilliant plan to reduce global warming. For that…I would also like $4 million. Thanks.

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