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94,000kms for just $32: A tale of two years EV and rooftop solar ownership

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BMW i3 owner shares superbly low running costs for electric vehicle coupled with 28kWh rooftop solar system, after two years of ownership.

BMW i3 charging at home. Courtesy Chris Cathcart
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The Driven

A Queensland-based BMW i3 owner has shared details of the superbly low running costs for his electric vehicle, coupled with a rooftop solar system, after two years of ownership.

Chris Cathcart shared his experience on Facebook to the Queensland branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, saying that he hoped the statistics and experience of owning the BMW i3 would be of interest to the group.

“I really love driving the car and take any excuse to go out and explore this great country. We live about 35 minutes north of Brisbane. Whether it is a holiday to Cairns or just taking a different route to the places we go to often. It’s just a pleasure to drive in the comfort & quiet of an electric vehicle,” writes Cathcart.

“The feeling really doesn’t get old. Every time we take someone for a spin, they are amazed at the power & torque, plus how smooth & quiet it moves. The hardest thing about our ownership so far, has been finding time to keep it looking clean. Because we use it so much.”

What is most impressive is the savings in fuel costs. According to Cathcart, he has done nearly 100,000km driving in the two years since buying the $70,000 BMW i3, and he says he has spent only $32.31 on power.

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